Have you tried these hot chocolate spots in Qatar?

Have you tried these hot chocolate spots in Qatar?

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Winter has arrived in Qatar and there’s nothing better than heading outdoors to enjoy the weather with a cup of steaming hot chocolate in hand. Everyone is on the hunt for the best hot chocolate that is the right amount of rich, decadent, and sinful, while also being perfectly adjusted to their preferred sweetness. We’ve listed out some favorite hot chocolate spots in Qatar along with some new suggestions for some truly unique ones.

Said Dal 1923

Your search for the most good-looking and indulgent hot chocolate ends here. Said Dal is famous internationally for its rich Italian cuisine and especially their hot chocolates too. Feast your eyes on their hot chocolate that comes tastefully overflowing in a cup laced with dark, milk, and Gianduia (hazelnut) chocolate. You can even choose add-on flavors like cinnamon, ginger, and chili and toppings like marshmallows, crunchy pearls, and nuts grains.

Price: QAR 39—59 (depending on the size of the cup)

Location: Msheireb Downtown

Timings: 8 am to 12 am

Contact: 3036 5276

The Buttery Bakery

The latest new café in town, The Buttery Bakery is still in the soft opening phase but is swiftly gaining popularity for its hot chocolate beside baked goods. Expect a Parisian-type hot chocolate that is rich and decadent, and comes with a side of whipped cream serving.

Price: QAR 55

Location: Msheireb Galleria

Timings: 9 am to 11 pm

Godiva Qatar

Premium and high-quality gourmet chocolate is what makes the Godiva hot chocolate a signature treat on its own. Only available at Godiva cafes, and not the chocolate shops, this is a hot chocolate best enjoyed sitting outdoors or on the go while you enjoy the weather outside. They have a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate variant so there’s something for all tastes.

Price: QAR 40 (Available only at Godiva cafes, not chocolate shops)

Location: Multiple locations: Porto Arabia Drive, Mall of Qatar, Doha Fest City, Landmark Mall


Caffé Vergnano 1882

The list would be incomplete without hot chocolate from Caffe Vergnano 1882, a crowd classic for all. Popular variations of the drink include Cioccolata (hot chocolate), Cioccolata con panna (hot chocolate with white cream), marshmallow hot chocolate and other versions with coffee and whipped cream.

Price: QAR 18—22

Location: Multiple locations—Al Sadd, Villaggio Mall, Dar Al Salam Mall, Lagoona Mall, Medina Centrale, Legtaifiya, Al Rayyan, Old Salata, QSC


Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice bring you some amazing hot chocolate options meant as an indulgent treat, especially paired with their menu items. They even serve a piping-hot red velvet option that comes with vanilla red velvet-flavored hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and red velvet chunks.

Price: QAR 28

Location: Multiple locations—Aspire Park, Lagoona Mall, Ezdan Mall—Al wakrah.

Boho Social

Boho Social, in addition to being a great place for dining, also happens to serve some really good hot chocolate. The BOHO Hot Chocolate comes with an impressive 58% chocolate chip content and can be custom-ordered in a milk of your choice. We’d of course recommend the one with coconut milk!

Price: QAR 40

Location: Katara Cultural Village

Timings: 9 am to 10.30 pm (until 11 pm on Fri-Sat)

Contact: 4408 0543


Who said hot chocolate has to be like the hot cacao-based drink we all know? Panettone sets the tone for a unique treat with its three new flavors of hot chocolate that are sure to wow you and your loved ones. Their new season hot chocolates include black forest hot chocolate, saffron truffle (white hot chocolate), and pistachio cherry chocolate.

Price: QAR 36

Location: Lagoona Mall

Timings: 7 am to 12 am

Contact: 7727 7382


Chac’late’s variety of hot chocolates is the stuff made of choco lovers dreams. Choose from a variety including milk hot chocolate, melt marshmallow hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream chocolate, and caramel & hazelnut flavor. They use premium chocolate sourced from France and Switzerland and the hot chocolate is a reflection of that quality.

Price: QAR 30—40

Location: Katara Cultural Village

Timings: 9 am—1 am (Saturday—Thursday), 9—11 am, and 1 pm—1 am (Fridays)

Contact: 4408 0733 

Maia Coffee and Chocolate

If we are talking about hot chocolates for all tastes, then the ones at Maia Coffee and Chocolate definitely hit the mark. If you love a little kick of caffeine in your drinks, order their hot chocolate with espresso or with Turkish coffee. If sweet cocoa is not your thing, then the bitter hot chocolate is worth a try.

Prices: QAR 35—38

Locations: Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City, and Medina Centrale


Molten Chocolate Café

The Molten Chocolate Café is heaven for chocoholics. Their two drinks the molten hot chocolate and marshmallow hot chocolate deserve the spotlight. Rich, creamy and indulgent, order this decadent treat for some self-care and a delicious time.

Price: QAR 28

Location: Doha Festival City

Timings: 10 am—11 pm (Sunday—Wednesday), 10 am—12 am (Thursday—Saturday)

Contact: 7478 5141



Indulge in this creamy, cozy hot chocolate set in a fine-dining experience set-up at Laluce in Aspire Zone.

Price: QAR 32

Location: Aspire

Timings: 8 am—12 am

Contact: 4432 2127 

Coffeeshop Company

Head over to the Coffeeshop Company and order a mug of steaming, hot chocolate. Ask for extra whipped cream on top and you’re set for a warm winter treat. They even offer options between dark and white chocolate.

Price: QAR 18

Locations: Aspire Park, Dar Al Salam Mall, The Mall (Najma), Al Wakrah


Halo Cafe

The ultimate winter hot chocolate list is incomplete without a mention of Halo Café’s season favorites. They have three bestseller cocoa drinks—The Halo hot chocolate, Cookies and Cream hot chocolate, and hot brunette (rich milk chocolate ganache topped with a scoop of whipped cream cheese). Not to be missed!

Price: QAR 18—28

Locations: The Pearl, The Gate Mall, Villaggio Mall


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