On International Tea Day, Discover These Teas from Around the World!

On International Tea Day, Discover These Teas from Around the World!

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By Dipti Nair

Love tea? Then this is for you.

May 21 is International Tea Day and today we are taking you on a global adventure right here in Qatar. From roadside tea stalls to fancy tea ceremonies, we have it all.

So sip on your favourite cuppa and let's take a look at some of the teas from around the world:



Qatar loves Karak. The rich, milk-based tea, sweetened with sugar is a staple of Qatari tradition but it traces its origins to the Indian Masala Chai, which also includes flavors of ginger, cloves, and saffron. The Qatari version has a hint of cardamom and is simmered on a low flame to get the full flavor of the tea leaves. This is one tea that can be found in every street and we would like to recommend Tea World. And with just QAR 1 for a cuppa, it doesn’t get better than this.


Chinese Tea

When you think of tea, possibly the first thing that comes to mind is Chinese tea. China has a tea culture that has roots in its history and most of the world’s teas have originated here. Chinese tea includes a wide variety of teas of all colors like Oolong, black, green, white, yellow, and other darker teas. But the true essence of Chinese tea is not in its taste but in the ceremonial way it is served.


Turkish Tea

Tea was first carried by Silk Road traders to present-day Turkey during the 5th century and is deeply rooted in Turkish society and an important part of socializing and hospitality. Tea is served black without milk or any flavoring, just with sugar cubes or honey. The cups Turkish tea is served in are unique with a tulip shape and narrow neck without any handles and usually with a golden rim. The shape of these glasses helps keep the heat from escaping quickly, allowing for a longer-lasting aromatic experience.


Matcha Tea

Did you know that the famous Japanese matcha tea actually originated in China? It was discovered in China in the 12th century and brought to Japan after a Japanese Buddhist Monk realized its numerous health benefits. Matcha is a deep green tea whose leaves are ground into a fine powder and directly mixed into the drink and not infused like other green teas. Today, it is used as an ingredient in desserts and drinks around the world.


Moroccan Mint Tea

No one really knows how the origin of Moroccan mint tea, though some claim it was introduced to Morocco by Queen Anne of England in the 17th century. But Moroccan mint tea is not just a beverage, it is a symbol of friendship and hospitality and plays a crucial role in Moroccan culture and social life. Traditionally the tea is served in a Moroccan tea pot and poured from a great height to get all the oxygen into it, creating a foamy top, which enhances the tea’s texture and flavor. This refreshing tea is made from green tea leaves, fresh mint, and loads of sugar.


Taiwanese Oolong Tea

As with most of the teas in our list today, Oolong tea is believed to have originated in China and was brought to Taiwan by immigrants. It gained popularity after it was exported to the US during the 18th century. It is known for its weight loss and stress reduction benefits. Oolong tea is a partially oxidized tea and lies somewhere between black and green. The tea color ranges between light and golden to dark and brown. Tea is part of Taiwan’s social fabric and plays a significant role in their daily life. The famous Taiwanese phrase, “You have friends, and you have tea – so you’re rich!” precisely explains the Taiwanese relationship to tea.


English Breakfast Tea

And when you talk about tea, you cannot miss out on the English Breakfast Tea. This classic morning tea comes from a long history and despite its name pointing to English origins, this tea is actually believed to have originated from Scotland. This robust, full bodied, strong tea is best served with milk and sugar but it can also be served black.


Thai Iced Tea

Thai tea is a relatively new product that has gained in popularity in recent years. This creamy sweet tea is an indulgence that you cannot miss. It is believed that a Thai leader, who was curious about how tea is a popular beverage in Western culture, experimented with different styles and invented the Thai Iced Tea. It is then reached the streets of Bangkok becoming a part of their street food culture. You can find two main versions of it: iced tea without milk and sweet milk tea. It is infused with flavorings and spices and has a distinct orange color. Definitely one to try.


Bubble Tea

Rumor has it that Bubble Tea first made its appearance in Taiwan in the ’80s. A bored teahouse CEO dumped her Taiwanese dessert called fen yuan—a sweetened tapioca pudding—into her Assam iced tea and drank it. It was so amazing that they added it to the menu and now you can find it in the menu of many stores around the world. Ever wondered what those yummy “bubbles” are in your drink? Those are tapioca pearls or boba and you can chew them up for a fun experience.


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