Places to get desi street food in Qatar

Places to get desi street food in Qatar

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Asian food has swiftly gained popularity in Qatar owing to the presence of multiple Southeast Asian ethnicities and cultures. Desi food refers to the traditional food enjoyed by people of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangaldeshi origin. Desi street food such as chaat, samosas, pani puri, gol gappas, dahi bhalley, pakoras, aloo tikkis and many more are extremely popular desi street food enjoyed by these people.   

Here's a list of places that serve desi street food in Qatar:

Bombay Chowpatty

Bombay Chowpatty is an extremely populat hot-spot for desi people in Qatar to grab their fix of street food. They offer a wide mix of chaat items, Indian street food and much more. The place is good to grab your favorite desi food and probably eat in your car as seating space is very limited. 

Location: Matar Qadeem, Al Mansoura, Palm Towers, Airport Road, Barwa Village, Al Wakrah

Timings:  Depends from location to location (the one in Family Food Center, Matar Qadeem is open 24 hours for nearly 5 days a week)

Contact: 4462 2100

Mumbai Chaats

Mumbai Chaats is a sister branch of the famous South Indian food chain Aryaas Qatar and offers a good range of chaat items. They offer the usual street food options such as samosa, chhole chaat, sev puri, bhel puri, pani puri, vada pav and others.

Location: Al Meera complex, Mansoura

Timings: 4.30 pm to midnight

Contact: 4443 9555 | 4441 9668

New Roti & Boti Fine Dining Restaurant

New Roti & Boti Fine Dining Restaurant is situated on two floor spaces and offers a great fine dining experience at the ground and first floor. It is a good idea to visit the restaurant and order their Mumbai-style chaat items and enjoy it in a relaxed, comfortable environment. They offer pani puri, ragda pattice, pav bhaji, kachori, vada pav, and many more street foods.

Location: Ras Abu Aboud Street, Umm Ghuwailina

Timings: 11.30 am to 11.30 pm

8 am to midnight (Fridays)

Contact: 3355 5777

Desi Dhaba

Desi Dhaba is also a really popular option for people from the Indian subcontinent. Not only do they offer desi street food items, but also offer a plethora of options including North Indian cuisine, Punjabi food, and Indo-Chinese street foods such as momos. The theme of the restaurant resembles the traditional eateries that line the highways in desi culture.

Location: Al Jazeera Street, Bin Mahmoud

Timings: 9 am to midnight

10 am to midnight (Fridays and Saturdays)

Contact: 5089 0499

Kailash Parbat

Kailash Parbat is extremely well-known among the desi community in Qatar for its plethora of desi street food options. Prepared fresh, hygienic, and with many lip-smacking condiments, the chaat options even include street-style desserts and drinks such as lassi and falooda apart from the usual dahi puri, pani puri, ragada chaat, samosas, and bhel puri. The new branch on Airport Road also features comfortable seating options and a cool new ambiance.

Location: Multiple locations: Al Tae Street, Al Matar Qadeem Street, City Center Doha Mall, The Center Mall behind Radisson Blu, Safari Mall

Timings: 11 am to 4 pm

6—11 pm

11 am—11 pm (Saturdays)

Contact: 4427 1110 | 44271113 | 3026 0867


Gokul Gujrati Restaurant

Gokul Gujrati Restaurant serves chaat items and even some really authentic Gujrati snacks such as dhokla, fafda, and others. They even have many traditional street snacks and Indian sweets pre-packaged and ready for takeaway. A must-try here is the aamras puri (mango pulp served with deep-fried breads) and the shrikhand (sweetened, creamy yogurt flavored with mango or saffron).

Location: 930, Bin Mahmoud street

Timings: 8 am to 10.45 pm

Contact: 4480 0373

Raju Omlet Centre

Raju Omlet Centre offers a plethora of chaat food options along with typical Bombay style street food such as ghotala pav, omlet pav, bhurji pav (Indian spiced scrambled eggs with pav bread), and even the famous Bombay veg grilled sandwich. The seating is quirky and fun and the ambiance is sure to tickle your tastebuds with its fun vibe.

Location: A-Ring Road, Al Ghanim

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

8 am to midnight (Fridays)

Contact: 3371 8999


Pani Puri Restaurant

As the name suggests, Pani Puri Restaurant specializes in pani puri and other desi street food. In addition to this, the place also offers other street food specialties such as Indo-chinese dishes, steamed and fried momos, and Kolkata kathi rolls.

Location: Airport Street, Al Ghanim

Timings: 12 pm to 12 am

12 pm to 1 am (Fridays and Saturdays)

Contact: 5544 2526


Check out the places to get desi street food in Qatar.


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