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Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is a multicultural festival that celebrates the country’s diverse food, beverage and hospitality offerings. Held over several days during spring, the Festival invites residents and visitors to enjoy special culinary experiences in scenic outdoor spaces.

QIFF forms part of Qatar’s strategy to grow and diversify the country’s tourism offering, particularly in the area of family and urban entertainment. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of partners in both the public and private sector, it has grown since its first edition in 2010 to become one of the most-anticipated events in Qatar’s growing calendar of annual festivals and events.

Here's everything you need to know about the biggest food festival in Qatar.

Main Location

Hotel Park


Thursday, 15th March – Sunday, 25th March

Opening Hours

4.00 pm – 12.00 midnight on weekdays (Saturday – Wednesday)

4:00 pm – 1:00 am pm on weekends (Thursday & Friday)

Activities at Hotel Park during QIFF (Festivities spread over entire area of Hotel Park ~ 80,000 m2)

- 177 participants in total (36% increase on 2017 festival)
- 16 hotel participants bringing the best of culinary experiences at prices that do not exceed 40 QAR
- 6 Food trucks
- 1 Mini zoo
- Torba, Qatar Foundation’s farmers market, offering farm-to-table experiences

There will also be a special zone with 9 embassies representing 9 countries (Mexico, Ethiopia, India, Lebanon, Philippines, South Africa, USA, Vietnam & Turkey) offering festival-goers with food experiences from all corners of the world.


Price Range: QAR 5 –  QAR 40

Daily entertainment & activities

- Live performances & cultural shows on Entertainment Stage
- Fireworks from 8:00 pm – 8:05 pm (except festival opening day)
- Kids’ Zone cinema
- Free group fitness classes

Festival Ground amenities & facilities

- Underground parking with over 2,500 spaces.
- 16 additional restroom units for QIFF
- Ramps for easier wheelchair and pram access
- QIFF’s centerpiece, the Live Cooking Theatre returns this year and will run daily food photography sessions and contests between 4:00-6:00 PM. And, between 6:00 - 10:30pm guest chefs will share their tips and tricks with a special food theme for each day.

International celebrity chefs hosted at the cooking theater include:

- Aisha Altamimi (Qatari chef & food programme presenter)
- Ajay Chopra (Indian celebrity chef)
- Anna Olson (pastry chef on Food Network)
- Asmaa Albahar (Kuwaiti celebrity chef)
- Christine Ha (the first blind contestant in US MaterChef and 2012 winner)
- Damien Leroux (Executive Chef at IDAM)
- Fawaz AlOmaim (Kuwaiti Cook)
- Murat Bozok (Turkish celebrity chef)
- Nino Logarta (Celebrity Filipino TV chef)
- Ramzi Choueiri (Lebanese celebrity chef)
- Sulaiman Al Qassar (Kuwaiti celebrity TV chef)
- Masaharu Morimoto (US Iron Chef)
- Wolfgang Puck (LA-based Michelin Star celebrity chef, famous for preparing the post-Oscars feast for 24 years)

Activities in Doha & Around Qatar


The festivities will extend to more than 60 restaurants and cafes around Qatar. They will offer special food groupings of at least three menu items at a pre-set price of QAR 49 (cafes & restaurants) and QAR 99 (hotels).

Cooking Classes

Select 5-star restaurants across Doha are offering residents and visitors a unique opportunity to join internationally-acclaimed chefs for an interactive cooking and tasting experience.

Spaces limited to 10- 20 persons per class; bookings can be made through the restaurant’s/hotels’ reservation platforms. For more info, visit www.qifoodfestival.qa

No more food wastage

Demonstrating its consideration for the community, QIFF organisers have signed up with Wahab food collection and distribution service for this year’s Festival.

The charity will ensure that festival goers can donate untouched food so it is carefully repackaged and delivered to those in need.

We hope you enjoy the food festival. Watch out for the awesome QL Team at QIFF 2018. For more info, visit www.qifoodfestival.qa


Cover Photo taken by Jameel Riaz (QL Flickr)

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