The fresh taste of today - street food in Souq Waqif

By khadiza

Throughout the world, street food is an easy, cheap, delicious and nutritious way to stay fed. Literally billions of people consume some kind of street food every day, and in recent times, this ordinary fare has seen a rapid rise in fame among international ‘foodie’ travellers, chefs and writers, who perceive some of it as rather extraordinary.  

Doha is no exception to this trend. Traditional Arabic street food provides visitors with an atmosphere of unparalleled vibrancy and many treats to tempt the taste buds. The centre of all this culinary creation can be found at the Souq Waqif, which is easily the best place to experience different forms of street food in the city.

Besides being one of the top shopping destinations for tourists and locals alike, Souq Waqif also offers a perfect spot to enjoy delicious and unique blends of Arabic cuisine. A group of women run, cook and more importantly serve delicious traditional home cooked Arabic food here, in the open setting of a charming alley deep in the Souq. This enables tourists in particular to sample a taste of traditional home cooked Qatari food and hospitality in a street environment.

Above all, their food is fresh, wholesome, healthy and affordable. Their prices range from QAR 5 to QAR 20, and they offer traditional dishes such as Majboos, Harees, Kushari, Kousa Mahshi, Mathrooba and many more. Every recipe is unique, and every dish is a taste explosion of fragrant exoticism underpinned by hearty flavors, making it both wholesome and delightful.



A woman preparing crepe at Souq Waqif

Another common street food that may attract your attention may be mistaken for a crepe by the unschooled traveller. It is, in fact, flat bread, made with flour along with different filling options like eggs, cheese or Nutella and cooked in an open kitchen.  The price is a mere QAR 5 -- amazing value for such great taste!

If you have any favourite street food haunts, serve them up to us today!  


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By PunchLiner• 1 year 5 months ago.

The story's headline is misleading. It's home-made food sold outside.

It's not street food.

By Molten Metal• 1 year 5 months ago.
Molten Metal

My favourite place on this planet. Truly.

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