If you are a vegan, here are some places in Qatar to have an eat-out!

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The vegan lifestyle has become very popular amongst millennials in recent years. With dietary limitations of veganism, eating out can be quite difficult.

Qatar has yet to instill vegan options in the majority of places, but here's a list of restaurants that serve vegan options that you might not have been aware of:

1 Evergreen Organics is the first vegan café in Qatar. It serves local organic food as well as gluten free and sugar free options. They are very health conscious, holding workshops on nutrition. They get bonus vegan points for having eco-friendly packaging and furniture.

2 Bharath Restaurant Vasanth Bhavan is an affordable Indian restaurant with some vegan-friendly options. They deliver for free too.

3 Just Falafel is an international franchise chain that serves regular meals but is happy to cater to vegan specifications.

4 Saravanaa Bhavan is another international franchise chain. It is a South Indian vegetarian restraurant that serves a range of vegan options.

5 Abajour is a Middle Eastern restaurant with a few options for vegans and vegetarian. They even have a vegan friendly Zataar flat bread.

6 Argo Tea is a café with a few vegan options available that the staff will gladly help you out with. On the plus side, they also have vegan muffins which are still hard to get a hold of here in Qatar.

7 Dean and David is a German food chain with variety of fresh, healthy foods. They offer vegan soups, salads, sandwiches and a delicious Thai curry. Their fresh juices and smoothies are just delightful.

8 Elevation Burger is the place to go if you fancy a vegan burger. They have a vegetarian burger, which vegans can have without the cheese and mayo, and sugar cane sodas.

Photo credit: www.vegantravel.com

Looks like Qatar is starting to cater to the vegan lifestyle and is making eating out slightly easier.

Photo credit: www.vegantravel.com

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By DRKBabu• 11 months 1 week ago.

Just a formality... No substance or real information from the post... Almost every restaurant will have some sort of salads, fruits, soups. Waste of time...

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