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My five favorite breakfast places

By Bayan Khaled

Don’t you love hanging out for a nice breakfast/brunch with your friends or your partner? I know I do! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, especially when there are so many amazing options! So here are my personal top 5 favorite places to have breakfast in, in Qatar.

1. Paul
They have the most amazing omelets/crepes ever and their French pastries are to die for. Mix that with a cup of tea and you’re good to go! I especially love the mini cake they serve with the tea.

Photo Credit: Nora

2. Eggspectation
This is a Canadian restaurant and as a proud Palestinian-Canadian I approve! Their poutine runs out of stock every time I go there! Excellent options, excellent variety, excellent place.

Photo Credit: Robson78

3. Shakespeare and Co.
I have a weakness for crepes. This place serves amazing savory and sweet crepes, which I think are a great option for breakfast, among other delicious things of course. It is definitely worth trying.

Photo Credit: Karyll Trinidad

4. Sugar and spice
You thought dessert was good here? Try their breakfast. They get really creative with their pancakes, waffles, omelets, etc. they don’t make them like any other restaurant does. I, once, had a rainbow pancake there and my God was it good!

Photo Credit: Sugarandspice9

5. The Village in Souq Waqef
I went there with my family a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, it was definitely the best breakfast deal I ever had! There were 3 options to choose from for a really good price. Whatever you choose would include breads, a juice or hot drink and a bunch of other breakfast food depending on the option you choose. I wouldn’t miss this if I were you.

Photo Credit: Grégoire Breault

So what about the people of Qatar? What are your favorite breakfast places?

Cover Photo Credit: Kathryn Yengel 

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By Molten Metal• 1 year 2 months ago.
Molten Metal

They lack marketing ...............

By Fahadz• 1 year 2 months ago.

and why don't I see the very best Ric's Kountry Kitchen?

By Molten Metal• 1 year 2 months ago.
Molten Metal

Fully agree with your choice Bayan .................

By nabilnabulsi• 1 year 2 months ago.

Anima lounge at the pearl.

one of the biggest and healthiest breakfasts in town.

and a fantastic sitting area outside.

with loads of artwork all over the place .

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