Spend your Fridays in paradise with Islander’s Luau Brunch at Trader Vic’s

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The QL Team was recently invited to Trader Vic’s located at the Hilton Doha Hotel to try their all-new Friday brunch. We were thrilled for two reasons: The brunch was called Islander’s Luau Brunch – how exciting does that sound? The second reason might seem kind of obvious, but Trader Vic’s is always fun. They call this place a paradise for a reason.

We were instantly transported to an island as soon as we walked through the door. Although the beach area is closed off these days, you can still enjoy brunch with a magnificent view of the Doha bay through the large interior glass walls.

The décor was just fabulous. We were told the restaurant is bedecked with authentic trappings collected from islands around the world and a unique collection of fascinating artifacts. You just won’t find another place like this in Doha.

We decided to seat ourselves closer to the Cuban live band so we could really be part of the festive ambience. The servers greeted us and presented the brunch menu. It was a la carte style menu featuring a blend casual food and Trader Vic's Asian-Polynesian signature dishes. We had skipped breakfast so we were hungry and ready to feast.

The exciting menu included unlimited servings of  Trader Vic's mainstays such as beef cho-cho, jalapeno cheese balls, assorted maki & sushi, caesar salad, coco salmon lomi-lomi for starters, Asian duck taco, wasabi prawns, duo of slider, huli-huli chicken, and mouth-watering desserts.

We loved them all, but our personal favorites were the beef cho-cho and jalapeno cheese balls from the starters, wasabi prawns and the duck tacos from the main dishes, and the blueberry pancakes for dessert.

The beef cho-cho in particular was delicious and presented beautifully. It’s basically striploin beef skewers that are to be dipped in soy sake sauce and cooked over a flaming hibachi. This is definitely a must-try!

The wasabi prawns, although tossed in tangy mayonnaise, was light and crisp. We suspected we were going to want a second order of the prawns. Our desires were taken care of thanks to half a dozen of servers hovering around. On that note, we couldn’t help but notice their friendly and efficient service.

We continued digging into the Asian duck tacos – succulent meat, crispy tacos and fragrant sauce.  The duo of sliders were pretty good too. Sliders tend to be super dry in most places, but not in Trader Vic’s. The tuna slider was suprisingly juicy and the patty was extremely tender. At the end of our mains, I was left wanting more.

Then the desserts came along and we got distracted from wanting more of the duck tacos. They served us with a generous portion of sliced tropical fruits and a sumptuous macadamia pineapple cake, but our eyes were on the gem – the beautiful stack of mini blueberry pancakes.

The pancakes were quite small and we’d have liked for them to be full size, but it redeemed itself in the taste department. The pancakes were fluffy and the blueberry toppings and sauce were just the right amount of sweetness. Turns out smaller portions of food are actually more satisfying.

For QAR 275 a person, the Islander’s Luau Brunch is a bargain. With unlimited supply of their signature refreshing beverages and live Cuban music, you’re almost always guaranteed to have a good time with your friends at Trader Vic’s.

To book a table just call +974 44233118 or visit Trader Vic’s

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By Link QBandar• 7 months 3 weeks ago.
Link QBandar

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By Molten Metal• 8 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

Jane, I am fully agree with you.

By JanePol• 8 months 1 week ago.

Great review of a great place. Actually, it's the best international live music restaurant- bar in Qatar. Agree with you about everything that you describe in your article. The food is fantastic, the decor is impressive, the atmosphere is relaxing.

By Molten Metal• 8 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

Okay, Sure.

By Mufti Shahid• 8 months 1 week ago.
Mufti Shahid

Dear QL team. When you are invited next time, do call me as well. I love to eat free food.

By Molten Metal• 8 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

Why only Fridays ?

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