Warwick Hotel’s sensational Turkish dining experience

By Mariam M.

Warwick Hotel’s Saturday Turkish breakfasts at the rooftop restaurant, Moon Deck, and Ottoman dinners at L’auberge are an experience worth savouring—and going back for.

Breakfast features a range of Turkish favourites, including an excellent selection of traditional cheeses like aged kashar cheese, and stringy fresh milk cheese, known as dil peyniri. Fresh braided multigrain and olive breads are laid out with homemade jams and a variety of olives. No palate is left unsatisfied, and there is plenty of ful and falafel to go around as well.

We particularly enjoyed the spicy ezme salad. Made with chopped onion, tomato, garlic and parsley, this looks more like a spread than a traditional salad, and is often eaten with flat bread or lavash.

Speaking of bread, the spinach and feta, and mincemeat gozleme—a savoury Turkish flatbread and pastry dish—were especially mouthwatering. Lightly brushed with butter and eggs, and cooked until crispy with different kinds of stuffing, these are a must-try.

We’ve never seen so many kinds of sunny-side-up eggs on one table, including the famous yoghurt and egg combo, a healthy Mediterranean favourite, and eggs cooked in a chopped tomato sauce, which reminded us of shakshouka without the scrambling.

The Ottoman dinner buffet offers a traditional array of Turkish dishes. The salad buffet provides a variety of fresh vegetables and Middle Eastern favourites, including stuffed vine leaves and watermelon salad, as well as jumbo prawns.

The grilling station allows you to choose your own meat and have it cooked the Turkish way. We loved the meat and eggplant kebabs, with slices of lamb and eggplant grilled together on a stake.

We were delighted with the Sultan’s Delight or Sultan’s Favourite, as it’s called, which is a lamb stew deliciously served on a puree of creamy roasted eggplant. When the Ottoman sultan wished to treat himself, this is the dish he chose, and it certainly lives up to its namesake.

The chicken slices, encased in cheese and rice with a center of spinach, were tender and truly a feast dish. We definitely appreciate the Turkish love for adding cheese to so many dishes!

Now that we’ve finished raving about the food, let’s not forget the homey, comfortable atmosphere at both restaurants. The staff are welcoming and helpful, and the atmosphere is family friendly, but also ideal if you want to bring a friend or friends and happily stuff yourself.

Breakfast for two is generously served at QAR 200, and the lavish Ottoman dinner buffet is at QAR 160 per person. We highly recommend both!



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By lucky2masi• 11 months 4 weeks ago.

This looks yummy but taste is not worth the money. There are more Restaurant with great taste.

By parinaz• 11 months 4 weeks ago.

This looks so yummy!!!

Also there is a deal running for the same on qgrabs.com

Let's all "grab" it! :D

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