WATCH: California Dreaming at Santa Monica Breakfast Club

By QL Videos

Grand Hyatt hotel’s Santa Monica Breakfast Club provides an excellent casual dining experience, with all the warmth of a California summer. It may be called a breakfast club, but whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s plenty of scrumptious food to choose from.


They offer a variety of continental dishes, though from personal experience, we would say the burgers are to die for! What is especially appealing about Santa Monica’s fare is the reinterpretation of seemingly straightforward dishes, whether it’s a burger with a Mediterranean twist, or a deep fried cookie with ice cream.

There is a plethora of fresh seafood, salad and fruit options to choose from. Chef Martin, the man running the show, was quick to point out their dedication to using ingredients that are simple, healthy, fresh and organic.

Santa Monica’s ambience is spacious, comfortable and casual, with an open kitchen if you want a glimpse into where all the action happens. It suits large groups, is family friendly, but is also relaxed enough that you could drop in on your own for a quick bite and feel totally at ease.

Santa Monica Breakfast Club will be open during Ramadan, so be sure to stop by for some mouthwatering food and fun!

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