Why this Qatari became a vegan

By GhanimAlsulaiti

My name is Ghanim AlSulaiti. I am a 24 year old Qatari, who's really passionate about creating a positive impact on society, particularly by promoting a plant based lifestyle.

I come from a family of 3 brothers and 1 sister, am a tunnel engineer by profession, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering back in 2013 from Philadelphia.

Being a vegan Qatari is quite different; apparently it’s so unusual that I had to write an article about it :)

It has been almost 3 and a half years since I became 100% vegan, and I feel absolutely amazing. I feel more energetic, lighter, and my skin has a healthy glow to it, owing to my vegan lifestyle.

It all started back in 2013, sitting in my apartment in Philadelphia was watching an episode of Good Morning America. An author was promoting her new book about healthy food that actually changes the way you look and feel.

It was so interesting that I was inspired and decided I needed to do more research on the topic. So I headed over quickly to Barnes and Noble, which was a couple of blocks away from home, and grabbed the book.

When I started reading it, I was admittedly skeptical foremost. I wasn't convinced at all; STOP all kind of dairy products? That was the first thing I read and I put the book back because I was definitely not giving up dairy. I love my cheese and milk!

The next few weeks my mind kept telling me to go back and give the book a chance.

I thought, why not! So I went back, got the book and started reading it. And that’s where my journey started. I actually started experimenting on myself. One day I would switch from having dairy to almond milk, and I would feel amazing. The next day I would skip the steak and went for a veggie burger and I would feel more satisfied. My digestion was great and from there my body started to transition.

It took me one whole year to fully give up on meat, dairy and animal products. I had to really feel the difference and the impact it had on my body to actually stick to this lifestyle. The benefits are abundant.

I wanted to share my experience and my passion for veganism as it  has truly transformed my life for the better. I want everyone to enjoy the same benefits, which is why I opened the first vegan cafe in Qatar, Evergreen Organics.

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By doha estate• 1 year 8 months ago.
doha estate

A well balanced diet is more important than being a Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

Congrats Alhi .................. joys ...... for the new experience ...............

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

Haniya, What you say is right. Why can't we ourselves turn to veg as the goat we eat too is raised on the grass ? .................

By Haniya Dgr8• 1 year 8 months ago.
Haniya Dgr8

I am sure many of us will not agree to my opinion . How an individual get proper nourished without protein and vitamins. Meat is the right source of getting protein and many essential things like B12 etc.

To my experience as a clinician vegans are more prone to have Vitamin B12 deficiency. Eat Meat but in an appropriate proportion to maintain Energy.

Cheers !!

By Modifab Garage• 1 year 8 months ago.
Modifab Garage

click bait

By Alhiyari• 1 year 8 months ago.

Congratulations Ghanim, I am 11 days vegan with no more sugar , after two months testing the jokes as vegetarian. Cannot say anything now other than congrats.

But I can imagine vegans restaurants too more than caffe' with delivery option.

Last few days my wife and daughter prove the kitchen can give vegan meals more delicious than feeling how they killed these animals and whats really they were feeding them.

Good luck.

By PunchLiner• 1 year 8 months ago.

Mr Ghanim

what foundation do you use for make-up?

it's tampering with the pretty glow on your skin

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

Vin, You are right , I was promoting Veg. for the last 2 - 3 years so the trend picked up ................

By vincent33858767• 1 year 8 months ago.

in my opinion QL is in search of people who live a different lifestyle and promote them if they or the majority feels is better for the human lifestyle....its definitely not a paid content and we have to appreciate the gentleman who had the courage to open a veggie cafeteria where 99% people of the country consume non-veg...

By iuk10@yahoo.com• 1 year 8 months ago.

GOD knows us better than ourselves.

As an individual choice is our right.

Its not good to say being vegan is better or being non-vegan.


By iuk10@yahoo.com• 1 year 8 months ago.

Plants only have two or three senses while the animals have five senses scientifically. Therefore killing a plant is a lessercrime than killing an animal?

It means if some one kill an animal/person who deaf and dumb, will it be a lesser crime :-)

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

Luk, Still it is better to kill a carrot than a cockroach my pal ..................

By Wild Turkey• 1 year 8 months ago.
Wild Turkey

You have a choice. You also have molar teeth which allow you to grind cereals and grass.

By iuk10@yahoo.com• 1 year 8 months ago.

In the present world there are people who are not consuming meat/non vegetarian food since generations but still they born with canine teeth and omnivorous digestive system. I mean to say why we (Humans) are tend to challenge the System of Nature.

By Wild Turkey• 1 year 8 months ago.
Wild Turkey

Most plants live only from minerals and the energy of the sun. Maybe humans could get chlorophyll implants (they would look green then) to harness the sunlight and a daily dose of minerals and water.

By Wild Turkey• 1 year 8 months ago.
Wild Turkey

Exactly. They must eat gold or stones. However, I would say that everything is made from quarks and electrons. So, you're eating only elementary particles and there is nothing to worry about.

By iuk10@yahoo.com• 1 year 8 months ago.

If a person can survive without killing any living creature,I would be the first person to adopt such a way of life. In the past people thought plants were lifeless. Today it is a universal fact

that even plants have life. Thus their logic of not killing living creatures is not fulfilled even by being a pure vegetarian.

By Rizks• 1 year 8 months ago.

MM in 32sec. you got a like to your comment....Strange !

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

WT, We are members of QL , so we trust the people who run it ........... we have not seen the mods taking any money from the gentleman ................ !!

By Wild Turkey• 1 year 8 months ago.
Wild Turkey

It's a cheap advertisement and many comment have been censored and deleted by the incompetent QatarLiving moderators who fear to lose money if the advertisement gets attacked.

By Rizks• 1 year 8 months ago.

Khanan can I hire you as the Parota maker in my Cafeteria.....:)

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

Mufti, Read the input by QL Team, TWICE ............

By QL Team• 1 year 8 months ago.
QL Team

My goodness, a young man comes out with a story and the same set of trolls comes out with their paid nonsense jibberish. AGAIN THIS ARTICLE WAS NOT PAID FOR.

YES, QL will ALWAYS host entrepreneurs, various personalities, and excellent places to eat or visit - and no - none of it is paid.

In this case QL reached out TO HIM to share his story.

We applaud him for having the courage to share his story, face, and name with the community. Certainly takes a lot more courage than hiding behind fake pseudonyms online.

By Molten Metal• 1 year 8 months ago.
Molten Metal

I have been telling that ........ Go for veg ..... Go for veg ...... for a long long time .......... I am happy at his decision ............. wish him joys .........................

By Mufti Shahid• 1 year 8 months ago.
Mufti Shahid

Well I have seen a lot of vegetarians with less or no glowy skin. Has it really got to do anything with consuming veg. BTW I cant imagine my life without non-veg food.

By Khanan• 1 year 8 months ago.

Paid content!

Good for him!

I am proud non-veg, My skin glows if I have steak thrice a week.

My digestion works well after eating Double Cheese Angus Beef Burger.

I am opening a new cafe too...RED & FIT!

Brit will be the chef and Rizks along his bella will serve!

By britexpat• 1 year 8 months ago.

I've been trying to reduce my meat intake by going to The Emporium three times a week

By mohamed800• 1 year 8 months ago.

At a glance, it reflects to me as an advertisement.

I have no problem about it as it’s about Vegan. However the only practical thing comes to my mind is, A country where such a huge consumption of Diary & Meat products takes place, How a Qatari gentleman can avoid from this. Particularly the locals are more fond of Meat & dairy products.

I may hat’s off for the Gentleman if He is really a Vegan. Otherwise, if this story has created by another, only for the advertisement purpose, I am sure It’s unnecessary.

To make an advertisement there are many ways you can put forward.

It’s only my personal opinion and not to harm the effort of any one. I have total respect for the writer and I hope I can voice my opinion in a practical way.

Once again thank you and it’s my personal opinion only.

(I try not to say a lie even for a Joke, as it doesn’t go along with my path I am following)

By mohamed800• 1 year 8 months ago.


By mrschan• 1 year 8 months ago.

Wow! Congrats and I wish you all the best to your new cafe :-)

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