Why we love Chili’s and why you should too!

Why we love Chili’s and why you should too!

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If you are looking for a dining experience to thoroughly enjoy with friends and family, Chili’s is the place to go!

Chili’s, an American diner, was founded in Texas in 1975. The eatery has found a way to turn those veggies you’re not so keen to munch on, into irresistible tasty treats.

They have also taken steak to a whole new level, and we can bet you will struggle to finish their new 24 oz masterpiece!

We heard about their new menu and we couldn’t stop ourselves from rushing to the restaurant to dig in!

As usual, when we arrived at Chili’s we were warmly welcomed by their courteous staff who greeted us with a smile.

We were then taken to a comfy booth table and given some time to settle in. The background music was groovy, and we immediately felt our heads bopping along to the popular beats that echoed around the restaurant.

Our waiter came back over and asked us what we fancied to drink before recommending some of the newly added mocktails and coolers on the menu.

We were excited to find out that a few of the new beverages had health benefits, such as the unicorn lemonade made with butterfly pea flower. Butterfly pea flower is very beneficial for your health as it contains antioxidants, protects the skin against premature aging and it fights glycation (which is protein damage caused by an influx of sugar molecules).

Our drinks weren’t on the table long before we dove in our straws and slurped away like we hadn’t had a drink for days.

Since there was so much to choose from, all of us picked something different.

In addition to the unicorn lemonade, we also tired the bangalor refresher, which has a refined festive cinnamon flavor and a hint of orange. The limonana and the pineapple margarita were both very refreshing and were definitely the most favored beverages between us.

Next on our table were some delectable starters. The broccoli poppers were creamy, cheesy and full of flavor (and gone within minutes!).

The cauliflower arrived, it was deep-fried and drizzled in ranch dressing and blue cheese and we could not stop eating it.

Along with the boneless honey-chipotle wings and the Caribbean shrimp salad we were full before the mains even landed on our table. The portions were generous and urged us into taking a short break before moving on to the main course!

Without a doubt the mains were huge, but you haven’t seen anything until you try the 24OZ steak. We can tell you now that it is fit for a king, (and his kingdom)!

The flavors exploded in our mouths and the veggie tacos were dripping in sauce and spice.

We thought we were too full to try anything else but the desserts were too attractive to miss. We plunged into a molten chocolate lava cake and its rich and smooth flavor instantly enhanced our joy!

As a nut lover, Gigi was delighted with the paradise pie, a warm chocolate chip brownie texture with walnuts and coconut. Both desserts were topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.

We finished with a refreshing coke float, which as strange as it sounds blends nicely together. Gigi got very excited after seeing this on the menu because she used to indulge in cream soda floats in South Africa as a child.

This brought us to the end of our dining experience which was undoubtedly a memorable one. We totally savored the moment and can’t wait for our next visit already!


Location: Chilis Restaurant Al Sadd

Opening hours: 11 am-12 pm daily

Contact number: 4471 8044

Valet parking: Yes

Children’s soft play area: Yes

Outdoor area: Yes


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