Top 9 hot soups in Qatar 

Top 9 hot soups in Qatar 

By qatarliving

Although winter may be coming to an end, comfort foods like soups are satisfying all year round. Packed full of nutrition and flavour, soups are both filling and satisfying, and often considered healthy. Research also indicates that it is associated with positive relationships and makes individuals feel less lonely.

We’ve scoured Qatar’s restaurants for the best warming soups, and here are our top 9 picks for you to try this winter. 

1) Lentil Soup 

The classic lentil soup is at the top of our list because of its simplicity and enormous flavour. You can find it in various Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurants, however, we particularly love the one at Turkey Central Restaurant. While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of their menu.

2) French Onion Soup 

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the few ingredients needed to make French onion soup - between the intensely sweet caramelised onions and the rich cheesy toast layer, the flavours of this bowl are elevated beyond their humble beginnings. 

Many would argue that the best soup in Qatar is the French onion soup served at Paul Arabia. Their lentil soup and mushroom and potato soup are also firm favourites. 

3) Mushroom Soup 

The creamy Mushroom Soup from Spice and Sizzle is definitely worth a try! This soup is packed with flavour and is the perfect appetizer before starting the main course options such as the chilman biryani, grilled meat, and much more.

4) Goto

Goto is a hot rice porridge found in Filipino restaurants such as FlaminGo Restaurant – considered the perfect hot soup for the cold season!

Angeles Restaurant, located in Royal Plaza Mall – offers Arroz Caldo, a rice porridge with chicken and a ginger flavoured broth, making the soup a perfect light meal. The Beef Sinigang (sour soup) and the delicious chicken skin that can be dipped in vinegar are also a must-try!

5) Hot and Sour Soup 

For all, you spice lovers out there! We recommend trying the hot and sour soup in Alosra with its mind-blowing combination. Manchow Noodles Soup is also a worthy alternative, both spicy and flavourful. You can try this delicious soup at Rotana, a perfect accompaniment to the main course options. 

6) Seafood Chowder

A definite favourite for all seafood lovers, this soup can be found in most seafood restaurants. 

We recommend Little Sailor Seafood Restaurant because of its unique approach to the soup and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

7) Chilli beef ramen

Fun fact: Ramen is actually a soup. The chilli beef ramen in Wagamama is part of the Japanese cuisine and features tender beef slices and a mix of spicy yet sweet flavours. Next time you’re out with your friends or family, be sure to grab this comforting bowl with them from Wagamama. 

8) Kerala Kanji 

The rice porridge found only in South Indian restaurants is one of the most popular comfort foods in the Malayali community – considered a healthy option, especially for those unwell. Tea Republic offers Kanji and is not a soup you want to miss out on!

9) Loming Barako

This Filipino restaurant is open 24/7. The soup options are plenty but we recommend the classic Loming Barako as it has sticky noodles, beef strips, eggs, a flavour-filled broth, and much more! Manok ng pula - red chicken is also a must-try for the chicken lovers out there. 

Bulalo is an alternative and is one of the popular soups among the Filipino community. Although Max's Restaurant is known for its chicken, we recommend trying their bulalo - simple, delicious, and the perfect hot soup during the cold winds in winter.


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Image credits - 1: plantbasedfolk, 2: PAUL Arabia, 3: Ethan Calabrese, 4: FlaminGo, 5: Alosra, 6: Talabat, 7: Wagamama, 8: Zomato, 9: Loming Barako Qatar

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