Managing Crisis Creatively: See Crisis as an Opportunity

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Creative Crisis

No one wants to have crisis voluntarily. Yet they are a part of our lives. We cannot escape them. It is easier to deal with when you see it as an opportunity. Read how you can creatively grow in crisis. First of all, no one wants a crisis voluntarily. Crisis are unpleasant. They cost energy. You feel bad. They bring grief, pain and suffering. They destroy dreams. They leave scars. And much more, as the case may be. But crisis are also an opportunity. For as painful as crisis can be, they allow us to change things for the better or better. They stimulate our creativity to learn from and grow from them.

Why are crisis an opportunity?

I think you know it yourself: we humans are habitual animals. We want everything to go its usual way. Every change tears us out of our beloved rut.

We say that we want to change ourselves or our lives. "From tomorrow I will do more sports, lose weight, take care of my family more," it says. And we also mean it seriously. But very few of us change voluntarily. Why? It is uncomfortable. It's work. Our brain does not want it, because it ruined, as I said, our beloved usual gear. It screwed up our nest, in which we have set up nicely safe and comfortable.

We usually change only when we are forced to do so. If it is really necessary. Before it hurts, we grumble sullenly. Before we do that, not a meter. If we are not really convinced that we want or need to lose weight, we will not lose weight either. We sink back into the sofa after the second hour of sports. And all other wishes for change fade quickly again. A crisis is such a pain or coercion that spoils our nest and drives us to action. Sometimes voluntarily, more often involuntarily.

Crisis call for change

But even the involuntary crisis and changes contain a lot of potential. Diseases can raise our awareness that our lives are limited. You can call for it to be designed to our liking before it's too late. The loss of a job can clear the way for the old dream of self-employment that we had never pursued before, out of our safe nest. You can look through top essay writing service and maybe one of their writings will inspire you. Relationship crisis can work on the relationship or seek new partners. Or they let us "simply" find ourselves. Often, a crisis puts its finger on a wound we felt, but we did not follow it up. Until things have developed their own dynamics and surprised us with a crisis.

Whatever crisis will strike you, it will not leave you unchanged.

That's why it makes no sense in crisis to bite your teeth and continue as before. That does not change the situation. They will have to adapt and learn from it. That's the only way you can handle it. But that's also an opportunity. A chance to use the favor or the commandment of the hour and to change.

Cope with crisis creatively

If you like, you benefit from this predicament. Because there is only one way left: the forward. You can not go back to where you once were. So why not take a direction that is in your interest and makes you feel good? Crisis are an exception. Their reality is turned upside down. Use the impulse to create a new reality.

  1. Make a cash fall

Work the crisis mentally and emotionally. Make a cash fall. What can you learn from the crisis? What experiences have you had? Did something go wrong? If so, what lessons do you want to take from it for the future? Look at the rubble that left you behind. What is important to you? Things, values, people? What would you like to receive? But also look at your life. What can, should or should change in the new reality?

  1. Search for options

Get rid of the crisis. Look ahead. How can or should it continue? Do you see solutions or possibilities? Are there things you never dared to do before? Things that the crisis has knocked you off the nose?

For example, have you been living apart with your partner long ago, because everyone is striving in different directions? Can you then head for this direction without a partner and open doors for something new? Or has your past life become too narrow and stale for you? And the crisis has reminded you of this and at the same time gave you the opportunity to take a new course? If necessary, also help. Search for such opportunities with others.

  1. See the meaning in it

I know, that may sound cynical now, when everything is still fresh and you do not know where your head is. But try to see a sense in the crisis. For this one does not have to become metaphysical and cite higher orders. It is much simpler: our brain has the strong urge to see meaning in everything. That's because it wants to understand our world and feel less at its mercy.

If you manage to make sense of your crisis, you can also carry it more easily.

It's a matter of judgment: Do I feel like a victim and quarrel with my fate? Or am I looking for what the crisis has brought me positive and accept it in my life? Every crisis is also an opportunity. Take your time, time heals all wounds. And when the pain subsides, take this chance. Overcome the inner bastard. Grow as a human. Leave the nest. What ever.Your creativity will help you.

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