Unleashing early childhood potential at King’s College new Pre-Prep School

Unleashing early childhood potential at King’s College new Pre-Prep School

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From August, Doha will be home to a groundbreaking redevelopment that will place the critical importance of early childhood education at its core. King’s College Pre-Prep School, catering exclusively for 3-7-year-olds, will provide a unique and custom-built learning experience for young children, the like of which has not been seen before in a Doha-based school.

With a range of tailored new facilities, King’s College Pre-Prep School – the first of its kind in the Middle East for 3-7-year-old pupils - has been designed to reflect the profound influence of the first years of life in shaping the neurological development of young children, and is twinned with King’s College UK, one of the world’s leading independent schools. 

The Neurological Significance of Early Childhood Education

King’s College Pre-Prep School will be led by the leading educator, Mrs Sinead Grennan, a Cambridge University graduate with a keen eye for innovation in education. 

Mrs Grennan comments: “The first five years of a child's life are widely recognised as a crucial period for brain development. During this time, the brain undergoes rapid growth and forms the majority of its neural connections, hence why the early years are considered the most important. 

“Top-quality education during this critical period plays a pivotal role in optimising a child’s potential and setting the stage for lifelong learning.”

The facilities on offer at this new school have been meticulously designed to align with the latest research on neurological development, providing an environment that is conducive to optimal growth and learning and fosters the development of essential skills and abilities. 

Igniting Curiosity – An Enriching Edutainment Centre

Opening in August, the Pre-Prep School’s Edutainment Centre will serve as a catalyst for stimulating curiosity and a love for learning. Numerous educational research highlights that a child-centred environment that is both rich in content and choice supports the development of children’s intellectual skills. This is because it helps them to interpret experiences – a critical sparkplug for cognitive development. 

By integrating research on neurological development, this facility will offer interactive experiences, hands-on activities and stimulating experiments tailored to optimising brain development during the critical period of early childhood. 

Mrs Grennan commented: “Driven by a belief that curiosity is the foundation of learning, the Edutainment Centre will cultivate inquisitive minds that seek knowledge and embrace new challenges.”

Cultivating Confidence – The King’s Playhouse

Set within the new Pre-Prep School campus, The King’s Playhouse will serve as a dedicated performing arts space that is custom-built for young children and will foster self-expression and confidence in young learners. 

“This facility will provide a supportive environment in which children can explore their creativity, develop communication skills and build confidence, setting a strong foundation for future learning”, says Mrs Grennan. 

She continues: “The King’s Playhouse has been inspired by the words of the renowned psychologist, Dr Carol Dweck, who has stated that ‘Believing in oneself and embracing challenges leads to greater success and resilience.’”

Fostering Collaboration – The STEAM Hub

King’s College Pre-Prep School will also feature its own STEAM Hub for 3-7-year-olds, which will integrate science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and so reflect the value of multidisciplinary learning in early childhood. 

Research shows that collaborative experiences in diverse domains promote cognitive flexibility, problem-solving abilities and creativity in young children. This innovative development will be designed for younger children and will provide them with rich opportunities to embrace the world of coding, robotics, digital, film and graphic design. Pupils in the STEAM Hub will engage in problem-solving within real-world contexts, thus supporting their critical thinking, communication skills and self-reflection. 

The STEAM Hub at King’s Pre-Prep School will encourage collaborative exploration, preparing children for an interconnected world and developing their natural curiosity. 

Nurturing Creativity – The Sensory Snug

Understanding the importance of emotional well-being and creative expression, King’s College Pre-Prep School will also feature a Sensory Snug, a peaceful haven where children can explore their senses and stimulate their imagination. This nurturing environment will acknowledge the significance of emotional intelligence in early childhood development. 

Dr Daniel Siegel, the renowned psychiatrist and neuroscientist, has emphasised the role of emotional well-being in shaping a child’s brain, stating: “Emotional experiences influence the brain’s architecture and can have a lasting impact on a child’s future potential.” 

And so, the Sensory Snug at King’s Pre-Prep School will provide a safe space where young children can express themselves, develop their artistic ability and engage in self-discovery, fostering their emotional growth and creative potential. 

Commenting on the launch of King’s College Pre-Prep School in August, Mrs Grennan stresses that this will be a facility that is steeped in the latest pedagogical research, saying: 

“At King's College Pre-Prep School, we have created an environment that fosters the holistic development of young children, taking into account their unique needs and capabilities. Our facilities have been thoughtfully designed to provide a nurturing and stimulating setting where children can flourish intellectually, socially and emotionally.

“We want the King’s College Pre-Prep School to stand as a testament to the profound impact of early childhood education on the first five years of a child’s life. With a deep understanding of the critical significance of the first years of life, we have worked closely with our British partners, King’s College UK, to meticulously tailor our facilities to accelerate growth and learning during this formative period.”

She continues: “Through the Edutainment Centre, the King’s Playhouse, the STEAM Hub and our Sensory Snug, we will create an environment that nurtures five desirable pupil characteristics that we call The King’s Identity – curiosity, confidence, care for others, commitment and creativity.”

By aligning its educational practices with the latest research on neurological development, King’s College Pre-Prep School will offer local families an opportunity to provide their children with an exceptional educational experience – one which is designed to go beyond the acquisition of knowledge and foster the development of essential skills, resilience and a lifelong love of learning. Its exclusive focus on early childhood education promises to empower young learners, recognising their potential to become future leaders and game-changers.

Mrs Grennan concludes: “If you are a parent looking to explore an educational path that will profoundly shape your child’s development, King’s College Pre-Prep School will offer an environment where your child can thrive, supported by a holistic approach that integrates best practice in the Early Years, tailored facilities and dedicated educators.”

This is an enormously exciting time to be part of King’s College Doha’s school community, as it builds a first-rate education that is befitting of its famous sister school in England, King’s College UK. 

For further information, to apply, arrange a tour or to simply speak with a member of the friendly admissions team at King’s, please call 4496 5888, WhatsApp 6006 2023, email admissions@kingscollegedoha.com or visit their website now! You can also find King’s College on website now! You can also find King's College on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.


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