Where to learn Arabic in Qatar? (for non-Arabic speakers)

Where to learn Arabic in Qatar? (for non-Arabic speakers)

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Living in the Gulf is certainly a very attractive prospect for many expatriates from different countries and nationalities. The main language spoken in the GCC and Arabic and learning it will certainly give you a certain edge over everyone else. Not only does it open a whole window of opportunities to understanding Arab culture but also is extremely versatile since it is spoken in more than 20 countries with nearly 274 million speakers.

Although, there are only a few minor changes in dialects and local slang, learning the language is always good for building personal as well as professional connections in the Gulf. Additionally, since it is the language of the Holy Qur’an, it is definitely an advantage as it helps you understand Islamic aspects better.

In Qatar, several institutes and private tutors offer Arabic courses for all ages and of varying difficulty levels. We’ve compiled a list of places you can enroll to learn Arabic as a non-Arabic speaker.

  1. HBKU

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University offers a wide variety of Arabic courses for both adults and children. Their courses for children are curated to help kids learn Arabic in a fun, engaging manner. Available for both native and non-native speakers, these courses are for varying levels.

As for adults, the courses offered range from full-fledged and conversational Arabic in beginner and intermediate levels of 1, 2, and 3 each. Having a word with their Arabic Language Coordinator would be helpful to determine which level you must begin at. HBKU also offers Arabic courses for medical professionals and business purposes.


Course duration: 30–40 hours (distributed from Jan–April 2022)

Price: QAR 1,500–2,000 (depending on course level)

Contact: 4454 2993 or 4454 2578 | Email at tii.languagecenter@hbku.edu.qa

Website: www.tii.qa/lc



  1. Fatyat Al-Mostaqbal Center

This is an Arabic learning center whose services are online and available worldwide. They operate from Instagram and WhatsApp and offer several Arabic courses for girls, ladies, and children. At an affordable rate, their courses can be sought on a monthly basis across various levels starting from beginner to Level-4 Arabic. They even offer Quranic courses that teach you Qaida Nuraniyah, Juza Amma, and Juza Tabark memorization with correct recitation. Classes can be availed either weekly or on Thursday for working people.

Course duration: 2 months

Price: QAR 100–300 (depending on course level)

Contact: +974 3338 9331 | Instagram account


  1. Learning Arabic

Learning Arabic is a free web series service offered by Al Jazeera English. The series is called ‘Arabic Letters and Voices’ which shows animated words and letters that train the listener to engage in correct pronunciation with movements and writing context.

Dr. Bashar Mustafa Al-Afyouni, Professor at the Center for Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers at Qatar University, is the preparer of the series along with Professor Layali Ahmed Al-Darzi. The website features lessons in beginner, intermediate, and advanced Arabic with options for self-testing grammar, reading blogs, and asking questions to the professor. The mode of instruction can also be selected as English, French, Turkish, or Arabic.

Price: IT’S FREE!

Contact: https://learning.aljazeera.net/en



  1. Preply

Preply is an online language-learning app and website that allows users to connect with over 140,000 tutors of nearly 50 languages. The app can be used from almost 200 countries and offers users versatile options to find a tutor in their preferred language with custom features. Arabic tutors are plenty on Preply and you can even choose the nationality of your tutor, add a budget filter for hourly rates, and change preferences of tutor specialties. Students can also choose the timings they are available for a class and filter tutors accordingly. There is an option for a free trial class also.

Price: QAR 5­–145/hour

Website: https://preply.com/en/online/arabic-tutors?CoB=QA

  1. Doha Institute of Graduate Studies

Every year, the Doha Institute of Graduate Studies opens for admissions into its Arabic programs for the September intake. The course aims to promote the status of Arabic as a language for study and research among locals and as well as international students.

The fall intake has a limited number of seats so the applicants are meant to submit their applications before April. The course syllabus includes Academic Arabic, Arabic as a language in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and Doha residence programs. They even offer a set of special programs for business, diplomats, and foreign press.

Course begins: July 31, 2022

Application deadline: March 15, 2022

Contact: language.center@dohainstitute.edu.qa | +974 4419 9444


  1. Berlitz Language Center

Berlitz Language Center in Qatar offers a range of premium and effective language classes for training kids, teens, and adults. Their courses cover the language, cultural, as well as business aspects for corporate clients. The globally proven Berlitz Method™ is used to ensure the students achieve a greater understanding of the Arabic language.

Contact: +974 4455 0506 / +974 6614 2916




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By benazir t m• 1 month 3 weeks ago.
benazir t m

Contact #spokenarabicwithsakirmyna +974 77760849 for online & offline result oriented classes.

By Farhan Khowaja• 1 year 3 months ago.
Farhan Khowaja

special DISCOUNTS for pakistani Expats in Qatar for learning Arabic from Arabic Experts



wa.me/923331285636 (24/7 support)

By hibbah• 1 year 3 months ago.

Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!



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