What is the customs duty for LCD/ Plasma to Sri Lanka?

By anonymous

Does anyone know how much tax/customs duty or the cost to have a plasma/lcd tv shipped to Sri Lanka through sea freight/sea cargo? Thanks..

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By ranil• 8 years 2 weeks ago.

up to 42" LCD is Tax free and thereafter 50% Customs Duty...

So buy any LCD/LED up to 42" OR normal TV upto 36" u will be free of taxes...

Lulu has nice Offer for Sumsung. if u Buy 42" LED TV, they give a 22"LCD TV free and tota QR 3900/0 DAMN CHEAP

By anonymous• 8 years 3 weeks ago.

just an addition to the question posted... The TV is above 37- 42 inch. Plasma/LCD.. what would be a probable tax or customs duty form the Sri Lankan Customs?

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