Family parks in Qatar

Family parks in Qatar

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The parks in Qatar are so beautiful that they make the rest of the world envious, despite all the glamor seen through the skyline and skyscrapers. For individuals searching for a location to stay active, these open areas provide jogging pathways and have massive playgrounds to keep your youngsters entertained. If you are in Qatar or planning to travel soon, here are some of the must visit parks to uplift your weekend.

Rawdat Al khail Park

 One of Doha's oldest parks is regarded to be Rawdat Al Khail Park.  It has perennial trees that have been around for more than ten years, making it both an environmental and cultural treasure. The park, one of the biggest in the nation at 140,000 sqm, offers tourists walking paths, a running track, a bike path, children's play areas, workout equipment, barbecues, green spaces, and other amenities. In addition, the park has eight BBQ pits, seven food stalls, and other amenities for visitors' comfort such as benches and restrooms

Location: Al Muntazah Street

Al Gharrafa Park 

Have you been to an air-conditioned park before?  In order to maintain a temperature between 26°C and 28°C, this park has incorporated cooling and air conditioning systems for walking and jogging routes throughout the park. It is important to note that rubberized floors are installed with colors that aid in lowering temperature absorption. Additionally, vacuum seats that can be utilized to sit and circulate air in the hallways are provided. It also offers a variety of amenities to all visitors, including the first-ever air-conditioned paths for joggers and pedestrians, another path for cyclists, play areas for children, accommodations for people with special needs, yards for commercial activity, in addition to the provision of sizable green spaces to promote a sense of vitality and freshness.  
If you are interested to visit other air conditioned open spaces in Qatar, click here

Location: Al Harith St, Ar Rayyan

MIA Park 

One of Qatar's top parks, MIA Park is located near the Arabian Gulf and features some of the most breathtaking scenery of the Museum and skyscrapers. It is one of the best spots to capture beautiful pictures. It is safe to say that it is a family-friendly location where people can unwind and have some fun over the weekend with a variety of entertaining activities for kids of all ages. The trampolines, slides, and other rides are suitable for children. On the paved pathways, people may even hire bicycles and pedal while taking in the refreshing breeze. People can always stop by the MIA café and the many food trucks to get something to eat in addition to taking part in the various activities and unwinding.

Location: Al Corniche

Oxygen Park 

Oxygen Park was created with the intention of bringing a green lung to Education City and inviting both students and tourists to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits. A wonderfully designed and well designed open space, Oxygen Park combines sports, recreation, and history in a pleasantly cool setting. Although it is appropriate for all ages, athletic families with older kids searching for a place to play ball or run around will find the park to be the most entertaining. Even families with younger kids will like taking leisurely strolls around the landscaped greenways. You can enjoy strolling through the planted borders, passing through flowing waterfalls, dipping your toes into the modest water features, and sitting on grassy banks while watching children play. 
If you admire water fountains, here are some other locations that might interest you.

Location: Education City

Aspire Park

Aspire Park provides a wide range of facilities for the neighborhood, such as walking trails, sizable green areas, playgrounds, and cafés. Visitors can cross the water bridge over the beautiful lake filled with little aquatic animals. It is wonderful for weekend family get-togethers. Aspire being the largest park in the area is located behind Villagio Mall. It is an incredibly large and lush park with a total area of 880,000 m2, replete with sports fields, trees for shade, and a jogging track with rubber flooring.

Location: Aspire Zone, behind Villagio

Crescent Park 

Crescent Park is a 275,000 square meter expanse of greenery with a sand dunes garden that uses reclaimed water to irrigate green spaces. It is influenced by the desert environment. The moment you enter the park, you'll be surrounded by peace and tranquility. There are dining options, a forest, and play spaces for kids in the park. The park also features a sizable parking lot, as well as tennis courts, basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and a huge football field. Sand dunes and the desert served as inspiration for the park's architecture. This park was created with the idea of sustainability in mind. 
If you are interested to learn about sustainable cities in Qatar, check out this link.

Location: Lusail

Sheraton Hotel Park

The Sheraton Hotel Park is located directly behind the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort. Thanks to its sizable playground and round-the-clock security, it's a particularly great location for families. It frequently hosts events, many of which are geared toward families. Over 2,500 places are provided on 4 levels of underground parking at the park. Approximately 34,500 square meters of the stunning 80,000 square meters that make up Sheraton Hotel Park are given over to vegetation. 5 water features, 12 fitness challenges, prayer rooms, and a variety of eateries and snack stands are all present.

Location: Al Corniche

Al bidda Park

Overlooking Doha Corniche, the park runs out along the seashore with a green lush view. It is one of Qatar's first parks. This multipurpose park is located near the Doha Bay and features many gyms, playgrounds, and running tracks. It also contains a basketball court and a football field, which add to the park's sporting appeal. In contrast to many other parks and public areas in Doha, this one is pet-friendly. Using the numerous fire pits, benches, and tables in the park makes hosting a barbeque party simple. You can get here directly via Metro station.
If you are looking for more picnic spots in Qatar you can find them here

Location: Al Corniche



Which of these parks are you yet to visit with your family? Let us know!


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