How to plan a BBQ in Qatar

How to plan a BBQ in Qatar

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It is the winter season officially in Qatar and we all know what that means for Gulf residents: barbecue time! And given that the cases are on the rise and everyone wants to avoid closely crowded public spaces, we recommend planning the perfect BBQ to enjoy with your loved ones. We are now sharing the ideal tips and hacks on how to organize your next barbecue grill party:

Find the perfect spot

Depending on your choice, you can find the ideal location for your BBQ evening. We have already compiled a list of family and public beaches where you can do your barbecue. If you have the space and permission, you could also plan a barbecue in your house’s backyard.

Additionally, you can also book a BBQ slot at Al-Bidda Park for a nominal fee, where you will be permitted to use one of their pre-set-up BBQ stations and counters. Booking can be done on their official website

BBQ Equipment

The perfect BBQ evening is incomplete without the correct equipment.  You will need to get a portable barbecue skillet or at least a grill or grate. You must get charcoal or wood chips and a fire-starter liquid to begin the flames in the BBQ. All of these are easily available at Carrefour, Safari Supermarket, Monoprix, and Family Food Center. Charcoal and fire-starter liquid are available at most of the grocery stores.

Important utensils needed include a spatula for turning the meat, long tongs, an oil brush, wooden or metal skewers, and a fan or thick cardboard for fanning the flames, and a platter for serving the grilled meat. These can also be found at major supermarkets and home stores.

Marinated Meats

Now that your barbecue equipment is set, it is time to decide the most important thing: Food! You will need to have your desired meat cuts ready and marinated in advance for a BBQ night. Whether you opt for chicken, mutton, beef steaks, prawns, or fish, you can have them seasoned and packed in a container.

If you however plan to do an impromptu BBQ and really do not want the hassle of marinating the meats yourself, then head over to Carrefour, Monoprix, Al Meera, FFC, Spar Qatar, or Safari to get pre-marinated meats that are already seasoned just right and ready to go on the grill.

You can also choose to buy the ready-to-cook marinated Persian-style meats from Sultan Chef, Beirutiyat, Khosh Kabab or Lamazani Grill, which are actually restaurants but also sell meats and kebabs that are already marinated. There are some of the top nine places to get marinated meats in Qatar. 



It is important to also carry a basic set of condiments for your meats so you can season it in case you find it requires a bit more flavor. Carry along little shakers of salt, pepper, a small bottle of olive oil to ensure perfect seasoning for your meats.

Side dishes and beverages

What’s a barbecue without its share of fun side dishes?  Based on your preference, you can carry along a set of delicious sides to pair with the hot, grilled meat. Feel free to carry along salads, hummus, ready-made tortillas, naans, or khubz, all available at several small and big supermarkets.

You can also bring your favorite sauces and dips like mayonnaise, yoghurt dips, chutneys, hot sauce, sriracha, or anything to truly jazz up your plate. And remember to carry along a lot of water and other beverages to enjoy along with the meal. You can buy your favorite soda cans and bottles and serve them easily. Nearly every karak shop offers karak in flasks for large groups. You can buy one or even carry along pre-mixes of karak sachets available in supermarkets. Nothing better than finishing off a delicious BBQ meal with a glass of piping hot karak on a wintry evening.

Other essentials to bring along

You might also need to take along a few of these things to enjoy your BBQ, depending on the place you choose:

  • Camping chairs to sit
  • A picnic mat or sheet
  • Disposable plates and other cutlery
  • Scissors and knife
  • Paper napkins and tissues
  • A can of water for putting out the flames after BBQ
  • A garbage bag to pick up the trash
  • A night light or lamp in case of a late-night BBQ
  • Snacks that you and the kids can munch on


Important Points to remember:

  1. Remember to check weather conditions before starting out for a beach barbecue. You obviously don’t want it to rain while you are grilling your meats.
  2. Use a night light or night lamp when doing a night BBQ.
  3. It is important to follow social distancing so ensure your family’s BBQ camp is set away at a reasonable distance from other gatherings. Adhere to the precautionary measures prescribed by the Ministry of Public Health.
  4. Do not litter the place around you with trash. Be mindful of your surroundings and gather all litter in a garbage bag to be disposed of later in a trash can.
  5. Remember to dress up in warm clothing as the weather is very cold and windy.
  6. For a beach barbecue, carry some toys and games for little kids if any.
  7. Practice caution around the fire and ensure it is out of reach of small children or any fire hazards.

Now that you have all these handy tips, go ahead and plan your perfect BBQ and enjoy the amazing Qatari winter while it lasts.


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