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American Academy School

By madamkow

Hi everyone..I've been here for about 1 month now and have a 5 year old son. I was wondering if anyone had any info about the American Academy school. I spoke to the principal over the telephone and will hopefully go see the school in the next couple of days, however, I was wondering if anyone has any children or knows of any attending that school.


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By zunaira khurram• 3 years 11 months ago.
zunaira khurram

Hi…i am considering american academy school for my 3 and a half year old son but not sure still…anyone with latest review on the school plz…um also going to register him in newton need reviews on that too

By Halahola• 4 years 5 months ago.

hi all, has any one have notices the changes in the AA school recently, with the new principle. please let me know you feed back from the education prespective, since I am struggling with my daughter grade 4 with their vocabulary and the way they make the work sheet for the students, which is unclear with very small font. thank you

By Halahola• 4 years 11 months ago.

No, I am talking about the primary grades from 1 to 6.

I wish the parents can help me to put the sanitary and hygiene issues in high consideration with support from the high council of education here .

thank you

By kkd• 4 years 11 months ago.

Are u talking about kindergarten?

By Halahola• 4 years 11 months ago.

My experience with the school is for primary grades, the teachers in the school are qualified. They work hard. But the school environment is bad, it is not clean, the food store sell unhealthy food, the class rooms are very congested.

I want to ask the parents in this school to work together to change these issues and to ask for more clean healthy environment for their kids. Even if the tuition fees are less than other schools, the cleaning issues must be considered in any place especially schools.

By howards• 5 years 1 month ago.


if you need home tuition for your child who is studying in ACS i can help you in this.


MB Hameed


By flashpoint• 7 years 2 days ago.

Hi Emily!

If you don't mind, can you suggest schools other than AAD.


By Emily_Rose• 7 years 5 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

Hi everyone,

I really don't recommmend sending your children to this school.

-The name is very misleading- the only thing American about the school is the name and the textbooks.

-The teachers are not native English speakers, they are almost exclusively arab and indian= cheaper for the school to employ than bringing American teachers, also, not being from the US, they are not as familiar with the curriculum as Americans would be. The school also employs almost exclusively female married teachers and staff- this means that they are in Doha under their husband's visa, basically meaning that the school does not have to pay for their accommodation, flights etc. A lot of them have large families and / or are almost always pregnant every year, which makes you question their energy levels and therefore their commitment. They usually look very tired, as many of them are egyptian and stay up all night looking after their kids whilst their husbands sleep- his work is considered more important in their culture. Result- teacher is distracted and tired- your children's education suffers. Another result of them being sponsored by their husband and not the school is that they can leave the job at any time without notice, and many of them do- they find better paying jobs and leave. this obviously is a huge disruption to the students.

-The school also puts a lot of emphasis on Arabic and Islamic studies, these subjects are given the same amount of time as English, Maths or Science. No alternative subjects are offered to students who are not arabic speakers and non-muslims, they just get to sit in the library and do as they please.

-My son was picked on for not being a muslim and told by his classmates that he would go to hell!! the teacher did nothing to stop this, and when I went to see the school, they didnt seem surprised or upset about it- I think they agreed!

-The classes are huge, often over 30 students. There are no extra-curricular activities on offer.

-There are also severe discipline problems in the school, with whole hours often being wasted to control just a few kids!

-The buliding is really inadequate- it's basically large portocabins used as classrooms with no real buliding or corridor except for the main entrance and offices (what the parents see). This means your children will have to play and form lines outside under 50 degree heat in summer before going into a hardly air-conditioned room.

-There are loads of great and affordable schools in Doha, contact me and i'll give you a few names. Just trust me, you could do better than this. I had to move my son in the end, went to Elite Int. School- far better. I got no refund on the fees paid to AA though.

Sorry to go on, hope this helps!


By Shery_76• 7 years 11 months ago.

My son finished KG-1 in American Academy School, the school is very good in teaching but the activity is less than the other schools, and the school don’t have web site. the fees is also high , until now am happy with this school and now am thinking to register my daughter for early child because in September her age will be less than 3 years and half.

If any one have any other opinion please let me now

By madhurigupt74• 8 years 1 month ago.

ASD is very costly you know there is one good school called cambridge international school

By qatarisun• 8 years 1 month ago.

Da, are you still up to opening a school? wallah, i would love to do it.. we can have Alexa as an Art teacher :)


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

By recallm1212• 9 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

Contact American Academy School:

P.O.Box: 22978 Doha Qatar

Telephone: 4551278, 4663265, 4663241

Fax: 4551281


There is no official site for AAS, but you can have a look at this unofficial blog:

It's located near airport. Next to the Supreme Education Council, which is next to Airport Traffic Department.

By msmashni• 9 years 7 months ago.

hi, i heared about American academy school, and heared good things about it. I am looking for to put my girls in it, so please if you have their phone # can you pass it to me or if you had visit it will you please inlight me more about the school, in any way, plz, my phone # is 5719304 thanks,

By mata hari• 9 years 7 months ago.
mata hari

Fauzia, as I said, my daughter graduated the kindergarten, so if it's about their kindergarten, just learn that a lot of their staff left for better conditions to one new independent school.I met in one year and a half of enrollment a lot of nationalities there, starting from South African lady coordinator, Lebanese&Ukrainian class teachers, Filipinos class assistants,Jordanian receptionist, Indian, less native English speaking personnel. We speak english at home so we could help her a lot with her tests/homework. I don't know how is the school, I visited it, seemed to be mixed staff also. For sure they are qualified cause they have to be approved by the Ministry of Education, isn't it? Good luck!

By anonymous• 9 years 7 months ago.

Please give me +ve and -ve both comments about AAS, my daughter is ernolled their this year, i would like to know about the teaching staff, how are they and their qualifications/nationalities etc

By Atom• 9 years 10 months ago.

Now trying to find school for my 5 years old son and also a place to live...don't know where to start....please advise.

By indorachel• 9 years 10 months ago.

i've been to american academy but personally i'm not impress with the school plus seem the teacher is not all american .....i will choose newton better than that school

By anonymous• 9 years 10 months ago.

EG88, your profile says you are under 18. How could you have graduated from the American Academy School at this age?

By anonymous• 9 years 10 months ago.

concerning the quality of schools, well, KellysHeroes is right.

The American Academy School follows the New York State curriculum (more or less). All grade 12 graduates of last year were accepted by universities. For the US you have to do SAT or TOEFL externally.

By anonymous• 9 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

elpot, the fees at the American Academy School are 30% of what you pay at the American School of Doha, plus QR 2.000 for book rental and QR 450 for school uniform

By mata hari• 9 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 2/5
mata hari

I know very good their Kindergarten, my daughter just graduated there.No offense, but try in a better place,pls!! I don't know if u will have the chance to obtain a place in a British curriculum school at this moment, they start at 5...Your kid will be 6 soon so, concerning the American educational system he has to start the school,that's why try to register in January 2009 for the autumn. Yes, AmAcSchool from Old Airp.Area saved our plans cause they accepted my kid in the middle of the year;as far as i understand u just came and the scools are arranging their schedules now;visit them,I hope u will have an answer from a real one!And,not to mention that it will be great to find one offering a transportation/bus service...

By superdoc• 9 years 10 months ago.

my daughter was in that school for few months in early childhood, i was ot impressed. Luckily her teacher was a nice caring lady, but, the management sucks.

The kids on school transport were being picked half to an hour before the classes end, the two ladies on reception were like, "lights on but no one at home"

By anonymous• 9 years 10 months ago.


i would like to ask if any1 knws hows the fee structure in AMERICAN ACADEMY for grade 10?

cause i want to move to an american school to have my grade 10,11 and 12. and ASD is almost full. and cant accept my application form. tnx :]]

By EG88• 10 years 1 month ago.

hi i actually graduated from that doesn't look like the other schools in qatar (i mean it's small and everything) but i can assure it's very's like a big family everybody knws everybody...i hope this has helped

By madamkow• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

Thanks..that was one of the schools on my short list..hopefully in the next week we can visit it and maybe be placed on the WL for next year!! hahaha!! Like I said, I'm not gonna stress out over this..wherever he gets in, he gets in!! Do you have kids in Qatar Academy?

Have a great day..

By tattee• 11 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 4/5

I've visited Qatar's a big school..the atmosphere of the classes for the KG seem well planned..they follow the IB system..i heard alot about it..people say it's one of the best schools in's very hard to get in's mainly for the kids of staff in Qatar Foundation and all the Universities there..then if they still have vacancies (which is very rare) they might take applicants from outside..the registration in most schools begins in April..Qatar Academy was in's full..Also waiting list is full!!! Good luck with that..

By madamkow• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

thanks Alexa..gonna go to Compass on Sunday or Monday to check it out..I guess we will go to Newton as well.

Have a great weekend =)

By madamkow• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

Yeah..I've made that short list! I'm not stressing, although it may sound like it! Like you his's no biggie!

the "least worst" is what it'll be!

WOW! 4 schools/3 countries??

You have a wonderful weekend too!! =)

Thanks again!!

By KellysHeroes• 11 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 4/5


Think there are 2 options that need to be considered seriously.

1. build on DaRuDe suggestion to start a new school.

2. introduce Web Based Education and start an online school covering KG to grade 13.

My personal recommendation - now am talking serious - you need to make a short-list of schools and visit them then you decide.

It is not a big deal to move your kid from school to school at this age.

Personally, my kids were enrolled in 4 different schools in 3 countries. Now they have graduated or at universities.

You need to look for the "least worst" school.

Have a wonderful weekend.

By madamkow• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

Boston Public?! =) Well from all the horror stories I hear about trying to place your kids in a decent school here in Doha, I may have to take option Z ... HOMESCHOOLING!! yikes! I really do hope I luck out somewhere, or I should say my son lucks out somewhere!! We will keep hitting the pavement(or sand) and waitlist on all schools that will do it! Thanks KellysHeroes!!

By KellysHeroes• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

There is no perfect school anywhere. The point is every school has its pros and cons. It depends on what are you looking for.

I am not marketing SABIS. Personally had many fights with the management, but eventually got what I want - when I am right or my kids are.

Mind you, in a way they remind me of Boston Public.

By madamkow• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

Thanks a million KellysHeroes..I'm glad that someone has heard of American Academy and I was just not going nuts! I will still and visit it and see how it is..but I will still place my son on waitlist at ASD. I've heard the Intl School of Choeifat is very good. Is it too rigid for a 5 year old though?? I am all for a great education but at the same time have fun with it!!

Thanks again for your advice.

By KellysHeroes• 11 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 5/5

American Academy has only the name of American. It is a very normal commercial school. I would recommend - if you could not secure a place in ASD - to go to International School of Choeifat (Member of SABIS schools network). Their academic level and professionalism is excellent. Their system is a mis of American and British curricula. my kids were there and they finished the highschool.

The system there is very tough but if ur son enrolls at the age of 5, then you will not face any problems.

Good luck.

By madamkow• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

Thanks Alexa..been there, done that! I do have Marhaba and have been calling. but yes..there are schools that only take certain nationalties and if they take "others" they are put on a waitlist and their nationalities have preference. American Academy is in Marhaba, but yeah.. u sure right! i need to take a look at it!! Thanks for replying..hope there is someone out there that has heard of American Academy!!! =)

By DaRuDe• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

we should open a new school in partner ship with many langs in it you be the teacher and i the Director :P


By madamkow• 11 years 3 weeks ago.

no, Alexa not ASD..I was already told there that my son will be on a waitlist..even though he is American..they priortise by companies not nationalities??? There is a school called American Academy somewhere near the airport. The problem is they don't have a website.

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