American Base

By campbell_09

Hey all,

Anyone from the American Base???

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By Mustapha1981• 9 years 2 weeks ago.

Hello Campbell,

I have read your comments and decided to write to you. I am looking for a Translator job in the american base in Qatar any help please I HOLD A MASTERS DEGREE IN ENGLISH AND and a Bachelor's degree in the same field. I speak english, french and arabic fluently.

can you please provide me with the mail address or the e-mail or the fax number of Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

how can I apply for a translator position?

many thanks in advance

Sincerely Yours,

CHMARKH Mustapha

131 rue khaled bnou Alwalid

lot Azzahra

26100 Berrechid


By Big_K• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

Hello again...

Yeah brother, this is the easiest way to look for a friend down there; as you & I know how secure is that place...

Anyway, wish your friend a safe trip and you have a good one...

God bless.

By campbell_09• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

Well, i was searching for ma friend Richard from LA . he jus sent me a mail saying he would be coming ova on saturday . Still no trace of that! so thought if anyone could help me out!

Its aight! imma have to go there and check!

By Big_K• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

Good morning...

What are you looking for??

Have a great day!


By KINGOFHEARTS• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

Why wont they come forward? Are they not proud to be from American Base? lol...

By t_coffee_or_me• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

I dont think any one will come forward.

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