Cost of Childcare

By mba8m

My wife and I are considering moving out to Qatar later in the year, at which time our as-yet-unborn child will be about 5 months old. We will both be working full time. I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide with the following childcare questions I have:

1. About how much should I expect to pay for a live-in nanny?
2. Can anyone recommend an agency?
3. Do candidates usually come with references or resumes?
4. Assuming the process of finding a nanny goes fairly quickly, are they usually available to start immediately?
5. How many nannies have their own cars? (wishful thinking, I know)

Again, I appreciate any help! We're very excited about the prospect of moving to Doha, but have many questions to consider before we make a final decision.

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By Mish• 13 years 2 days ago.
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Don't know if you are still reading this site. I hope so, as I can answer a few of your questions and give you a few things to think over.

Live in Nanny's are cheaper than live out Nanny's. Around 500-1000 QR per month depending on where they come from. Filipino Nanny's are more expensive than an Indonesian Nanny for example.

Live out Nanny's 1500 - 2000 QR per month.

You also have a few things you might want to consider;

You get what you pay for. Some of the Nanny's from the agencies have little English or Arabic skills. You may find that most of your time is spent teaching them how to speak English, follow directions and instructions and how to complete simple tasks. I have many friends who have finally trained their Nanny's, only for them to leave at the end of their contract and the whole process has to start again.

Do you want your baby learning important language skills from a person who doesn't speak your language very well? A lot of Nanny's will speak their mother tounge to your baby when you are out or broken English.

Can they read and write in English? This is very helpful when leaving lists of things to do, reading to your baby and reading the cookbooks for your dinner!

Privacy- A lot of "Western Villa's" do not always have Maid accommodation and do you want someone around 24 hours a day? Most Nanny's that live in, go everywhere with you. To the shops, to the restaurants etc etc.

Transportation- I don't know of any Nanny who has a car or that can drive. Taxi's are cheap enough for them to travel around in. If you wanted your baby and the Nanny to go out, I would wait and see what you think of the traffic situation and driving skills of most people on the road. I would never trust anyone but my husband and I to drive our baby around and I would definitely not let my baby go in a taxi with our nanny when there are no child safety car seats. Its very commen to see children and babies on parents laps, both in the front seat and back seats of cars. No laws here on child car seats!

Live out Nanny's - cost more as you are paying for transportation to and from your house and they are obviously paying for their own accommodation and food.

The positive side to hiring a live out nanny is that you can meet them, ask for references, see how well they speak, read and write English and interact with your baby before hiring them. They have their own life and go home at the end of the day. Negative side- they won't be available in the middle of the night when your baby is crying- although if this is your first baby, I can't imagine you wanting someone else going to them in the middle of the night :) Depends on how demanding your job is of course and you may have a little angel who sleeps through the night straight away- so this won't be a problem anyway!

These are just a few things to consider. Hope it has helped and didn't sound too negative. Qatar is a great place to live and having a Nanny is fantastic!

By novita77• 13 years 1 month ago.

Al-Wasall Sevices and Decoration est.

Telp: 322355, 442008

Fax : 410979

Po BOX 11976

DOHA - Qatar

A friend getting a full time maid through this agent.

By ummsumaya• 13 years 1 month ago.

sorry I can't help much. I've heard that you can only apply for a live in maid / nanny once you've got the residency.

My advice - move to Qatar, ask some people in a similar situation to yours and hear first hand how happy they are.

Hopefully someone with more experience will answer soon

By mba8m• 13 years 3 months ago.

Can anyone refer me to a nanny agency? Is it a quick and easy process to hire a nanny? Any help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.

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