Giving Birth in Qatar

By HDuwaik

Coudld anyone please tell me the best hospital in Doha, Qatar to give birth in. I am from Australia and will be living in Qatar in about 2mths time.

I am really nervous about hearing some bad experiences.


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By aqsaq• 9 years 2 months ago.


By aqsaq• 9 years 2 months ago.

i am new in qatar and 2 months pregnant ... i am going to hamad hospital , alkhore .

Can anyone pls tell me the reputation of this hospital ..i am very worried as this is my first pregnancy

By phoenix2009• 9 years 5 months ago.

private hospitals, to my knowledge, do not have neo-born ICU, which make it risky to give birth other than HMC, if any problem(God forbid) happens, they'll have to take the baby in ambulance to HMC.


By 1903tyler• 9 years 5 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

i had my 3 yr old boy in Hamad, cost me almost 4 thou including the suite room, the staff and nurses is very good, that time i'm also scared with all the different stories about having babies in Qatar, so what i did is having consultation with HAmad at the same time with Al ahli hospital, anyway end up with HAmad. After 2 yrs i had my baby born in Al Ahli, cost us 22K for 3 nights stay and also i was pre-eclampsia, (thank God all paid by our insurance) the service ,no difference with Hamad theyre all good! I can recommend both hospital due to my good experiences its just depends on your budget!


By soniya• 9 years 5 months ago.

I had my baby at DOHA CLINIC..The nurses,doctors r all very helpful in nature..U just need to loosen ur pocket..My c-section cost me QR 11900 which includes all medicinal part, nurse assistance, food and 4 1/2day stay..

By suzan• 9 years 5 months ago.

I heard about Hamad hospital that is a great place and very safe!

Does anyone know if doctors in Doha perform VBAC?

By Expat Sueño• 9 years 5 months ago.
Expat Sueño

mimi37 -

You might have better luck contacting meenu289 via private message since this thread is so old (as you noted). Shoot me a private message and I might be help you with some info, too.

By mimi37• 9 years 5 months ago.

Hi meenu,

I know this is a very old post but I would be curious to know your comment on Al Emadi hospital after you gave birth there.

Thanks for your help!

By meenu289• 11 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 5/5


I am 9month pregnent and planning to deliver in Al Emadi hospital. I contacted Dr Sonia but i found main problem is that she is no more involve in delivery. you can only visit her for consultation but delivery can be done from another male dr. So Dr Sonia recommended me one female Dr Laila. She is also from Lebnan and she is fantastic Dr very experienced, even i got same feedback from AL Emadi Nurses. She has her own private clinic but for delivery she use Al Emadi or Doha Clinic. I really feel very comfortable with her. now any time I can deliver, wish me good lick :)

By faith• 11 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

I went to Dr Khudsia Begum intially and later to Dr Abdul Rahman (south african doctor) in Hamad for consultations. Hamad is gud with all the facilities around but attitude of general staff and docs put you off espacially when it is your first child. I found some nurses very rude.

My suggestion for you is to go to other private hospitals like al ahli..what you need is support, care and love and you should opt for a place which will provide all above in plenty..All the best!!

By raysangeeta• 11 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 2/5


I am four months pregnant I would like to go to Dr. Sonia from Al emadi hospital... but have not heared anything much about was little concern. Everyone speaks about Al ahli hospital. Can anybody suggest or share their experience with Dr. Sonia

By e46M3• 12 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

I agree that the Hamad Women's hospital is excellent. Both our boys were born there; the second had to go into ICU for a week almost immediately after his birth and they were as good as if not better than any other hospitals I've come across worldwide. Another plus is that if the baby is in good health post-birth baby and mother are kept together in the room. You can get a private room too, for a price, although the wisdom of having fitted carpets in those rooms eludes me. It's a hospital after all.

By angelwings• 12 years 11 months ago.

I agree that Hamad Hospital is fine, and certainly is equipped to deal with any emergency, which is more than can be said for a lot of the other 'hospitals'. Men unfortunately are not allowed in, but in general the staff are helpful and one thing that beats a lot of the others... its free !

By Mish• 12 years 12 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Hi, I'm an Aussie too and gave birth at Al Emadi Hospital. It was fantastic. The OBY/GYN, Dr Sonia is Lebanese and her family live in Australia. She used to work at the Royal Womens hospital in Melbourne and has also worked in America. I felt very much at home with her and found the whole experience fantastic. Highly recommend this hospital and especially the DR.


By Sarah A May• 13 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 5/5
Sarah A May

Hi there, I gave birth to my son 3 mths ago at the Al Ahli (having arrived in Doha 4-5 mths pregnant and like you, somewhat apprehensive of my options etc). the Obstetrician there was very good, and very western in her approach. I had my son naturally (no intervention), but you need to be clear that this is your preference. I preferred the birth experience I had with my daughter in Australia (in a nice big bath with a midwife), but you won't get these options here (if that is what you are interested in). My husband could attend (mind you, he did get a bit daunted by all the cacophony at the end, I swear the gaggle of women at the end of my bed were practically ululating! - womens business!) and my son is fine, the only grumble I have is with the nurses in the maternity ward later, they are a bit old fashioned in there approach - feeding formula to your baby when you only want to breastfeed etc ... you just need to be clear and affirmitive. But would overall have no problems recommending the hospital. Feel free to email me if you wish to discuss further.

By dweller• 13 years 1 month ago.


I would ditto the previous comment and so would my daughter. When compared to Western hospitals on childbirth, the Hamad is a non-starter.

By camper• 13 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 3/5

wife gave birth a few weeks ago at Hamad and everything went well. The staff were competent and followed procedures.

The only complaints would be that they don't smile enough or share enough information...

By Aisha• 13 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 5/5

Al-Ahli hospital is GREAT but quite expensive.

Hamad hospital is very good .Actually,I dunno whats with the reply before me :-)

By mevlevidervish• 13 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

Doha Clinic, hands down!

I had my third child there. I was allowed to birth her totally naturally. They did not mess with me, they were very accomodating and lovely.

Hamad Hospital is horrid. Your husband is not allowed to be there when your child is born. You are forced to be bedridden while in labour. Don't go there.

By la Jolla• 13 years 1 month ago.
la Jolla

If you go to and ask the ladies there, they will answer your question as well.

By yalla• 13 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 5/5

I heard Hamad Hospital is one of the most experienced in that area. But Doha Clinic and Al Ahli Hospital, I heard are also quite good. People seem to have varied experiences with the same doctors, so try shopping around at first and I'm sure you'll find a doctor you're most comfortable with.

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