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Good School's In Qatar ??? help needed

By AhmedHazoz

anyways we just came to qatar 1 month ago . so we are looking for a good school for my brother and cousin . one brother's age is 14 and he is studying in 8th olevel (bio) and the other is 17 in 10th olevel (engineering) , and the cousin has a different story . he studied science/engineering 9th and 10th class . but now he wanna choose business studies and he just got 17 . can he get admission in any school in 9th again or does he need to do something .
all three boys study edexcel*** pattern
we can pay about 3 thousand riyal for a month for each boy .

we dont wanna choose any pakistani or indian school so remove them ..

thank you

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By ameeralou• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

check at Qatar Foundation website.

By simonsmithy• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

Why don't you get a list of Qatar schools - easily found on QL or marharba and simply work through then yourself. You can phone or email any of the schools and the will help you . The list of schools is fairly small so it won't take you that long.

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