By Jarin

Anyone can please suggest Good Gyanecologist or Clinic here?

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By anonymous• 6 years 11 months ago.

Please contact Dr Leelamma Clinic 44 600 777 she is very experience doctor

By expaterotic• 9 years 6 months ago.

Try and find yourself who you deem to be the best, as I believe the best of anything comes out of personal experience. I have just done that and today I had my contact with Hamad, owing from various women/mothers telling me their differing experiences at the hospital;After 3 hours of being directed to different directions, and usually for no reason, and then at the end of that I got no scan and no gynaecological examnination to speak of, I have earned the right to say that its not on the list of my "best" in Qatar's gyna care.

I have also been to the American hospital, Al Ahli and even Al Emadi, which is due to open its maternity unit this year-I am more confused a to who and which gyna/obst is the best in Qatar. All have to deliver what I consider sub-standard service. If pressed, I wld declare my local health clinic West BAY TO BE THE BEST, except it has to rely on Hamad for scan referals.

So try them and find "your best gyna"

Good luck

By gabriela christine• 9 years 6 months ago.
gabriela christine

dr. rizvi in al ahli hospital

By expatin• 9 years 6 months ago.

Al Ahli is the best

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