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I want to join in football club

By goran1991

Hi , my name is Goran , 21 years old , i'm from Macedonia , but at the moment I live in Doha with my wife and i work in hotel. I want to join in a football club , i was training and playing football (goalkeeper) for 6 years. Can you please help who can i contact to , who can i speak , name of some aget to see me and conect me to some club, how can i approach it. Thanks

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By Katie Merrett• 4 years 8 months ago.
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Katie Merrett

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By Super Cool• 5 years 1 month ago.
Super Cool


I'm a Qatari, those rules apply to all non-Qataris because of the AFC regulations...In any case I'm a retired player.

By goran1991• 5 years 1 month ago.

and how did you find your way now?

By Super Cool• 5 years 2 months ago.
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Super Cool

Hi Goran....At ur age ur no longer allowed to be signed directly in a 1st divion team since no foreign goalkeepers allowed to be signed directly once they r beyound age 20. U can still sign for a 2nd divion team though....and starting next season they r most likely to increase to 18 teams....that will allow u to work ur way up and possibly to the 1st division within a few seasons....Good luck

By frez.joe• 5 years 2 months ago.

me either wanted to play soccer , but i couldn't find way until now!

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