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Kids in Qatar Academy

By qatardunes

So sad... this poor mother has been deprived from the love of her kids...that attend Qatar Academy. Help make a difference and please SIGN THE PETITION and help her to have them back. Let´s make a difference, even if it seems just a grain of sand...

I don´t know the situation, I am myself divorced and miss my kid but would not have him living with me against his will and against his mother´s wishes. I understand the anger against the exwife but why would a man do this to his own kids?

What goes around, comes around, for sure...

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By adey• 6 years 2 weeks ago.


By stealth• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

this has been posted earlier a few months back I believe.

By kittykatmeo• 6 years 2 weeks ago.
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Jonas's contract with Qatar Academy is not forever (anyway, it simply can't be forever according to the Qatari Law). So soon or later (or better say, maximum after a couple of years, they will have to either obtain NOC to stay in Qatar, or they will have to go somewhere else, which could be in theory the country which has signed Hague Convention. Any school officials here will not get involved in this, as it's quite acceptible by Sharia Law that the father has all the rights to keep the children here. There's hardly any human rights in here, lets just say, the same principle of NOC and sponsorship is basically slavory in defferent terms. And as long as the father of kids stays in the GCC countries, there is very little to do to help. Try American Embassy, even though I know they have very limited ways of dealing with situations like that too.

By GodFather.• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

Some mothers give up their kids for adoptions for a better life.

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