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New schools in Doha ??

By Yassine2009


Any one aware of new schools opened in Doha (contact details) for year 3 and year 1 children as in the other schools there are no places left for the coming acedemic year.

contact details, names, advice, commnets please?
Mnay thanks....

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By star81• 8 years 3 months ago.

Hi Tess,

How do you find Sherborne school? I am planning to move to Doha in August and am thinking about Sherborne as most of the other schools are full. Secondly, what are reasonable residences nearby?


By anonymous• 8 years 11 months ago.

This is the webpage. Phone number is: 443 1622

By Yassine2009• 8 years 11 months ago.

thanks guys for your replies.

Would you have the tel. of the sherborne scholl in Qatar please?


By silverworks• 8 years 11 months ago.
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young achievers montessori (YAM)located @ hilal.. contact no. 6258032 for further inquiries.

By anonymous• 8 years 11 months ago.

Sherbourne still have places. I just got my kids in and was told the school was half full.

By DohaExplorer• 8 years 11 months ago.
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Sherborne Qatar is opening in September 2009. I know that they are testing applicants right now, but perhaps you can call and see if they are still accepting applications.

Compass International is opening a new branch in al Rayyan, and as far as I know, they were taking applications recently (about 10 days ago).

Those are the ones I'm aware of; Good luck!!

By baldrick2dogs• 8 years 11 months ago.

Hit the search box! I posted info about a new school a couple of weeks ago, but delete the mail it came from as I don't have children.

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