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Qatar National Library donates 500 books to Kahramaa Awareness Park

By Nabeela.Tariq

Approximately 500 books for children between the ages of 6 and 17 have been donated by the Qatar National Library (QNL) to the Kahramaa Awareness Park (KAP) after both organizations signed an agreement.

According to the agreement, QNL will give KAP training programs for its librarians, e-resources registration, and arrange joint library programs. This agreement will be instrumental in providing free resources to all communities in Qatar, help the children and youth all over Qatar develop through a love of reading and further promote learning opportunities

The KAP, which is connected with the Qatar General Electricity Water Corporation, Kahramaa, is a state-of-the-art educational facility in Qatar that aims to achieve the conservation of energy consumption in Qatar through the National Program for the Conservation and Energy Efficiency, Tarsheed, initiated in 2012, and is a platform to educate the youth in Qatar about the conservation of energy consumption and its importance. The main purpose of Tarsheed is to encourage technological progress, make people aware, and formulate regulations and legislations that relate to conservation, renewable energy and energy efficiency in the country, in such a way as to ensure the welfare and sustainable development of all those that live in Qatar.

QNL and KAP’s agreement will also promote the conservation of energy by sharing research experiences, leveraging the extensive knowledge resources that QNL has and meeting Tarsheed’s outreach and its mandate for community development.

Source: Gulf Times

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By dohasoccerguy• 1 year 4 months ago.

This is a great initiative - this country needs way more libraries...

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