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Where is Al-Gharafa Health Center?

By albyindia

Please help me with the location of Al-Gharafa primary health center as I need to take health card for my Baby's vaccination.

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By allie_valenza• 6 years 11 months ago.
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Yes, it's better to check the map. I have heard of it but I don't really know where it is. I hope it's a good health center because I know that some area lousy. My cousin went to many of them because she needed help. She was having some personal problems so she started to take drugs. I saw her trying to quit and I realized how difficult it must be. Luckily she went to Texas drug rehabilitation and she is way better now. I'm very glad for her.

By albyindia• 7 years 1 month ago.

Thank you so much

By qatar_01• 7 years 1 month ago.
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If you know Al wajba petrol station and Qtel tower location, there is a R/a Qtel tower wil be ur rightside, take right turn from dat r/a,

nxt r/a is al gharafa reyan r/a, from here take left and keep going straight.... and after passing 3 r/a straight u will see Gharafa health centre at your left side.

I hope that will help.

Goodluck !!

By meeranbe• 7 years 1 month ago.
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When you travel from Madinath Kalifa by Al shamal highway road after crossing exactly the landmark take right to underground pass way, where you need to take left on the signal and keep going you will find an roundabout where you need to take right and follow the road and in the next roundabout take left go straight and in the upcoming roundabout keep left where you will find AL Garafa Health centre on your right side. You can also see the health centre from the roundabout.

Hope you reach safe.

By Translator• 7 years 1 month ago.
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Take road towards Dukhan, after passing Qatar Academy on your left, take right on first round about. Keep straight on 3 round abouts, make a U turn on the the 4th, first building on your right.

here under the + sign in the middle of the map

By steve2umar• 7 years 1 month ago.

By asif_khan• 7 years 1 month ago.
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even i went there once and its located near garrafa sports club and near garrafa al meera

but dont know the exact location.

By qatar_01• 7 years 1 month ago.
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I went to the health centre in gharafa once, but i cant explain very well... its better to check Qatar map.

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