All you need to know about the 18th Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition

All you need to know about the 18th Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition

By qatarliving

The Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition has been a high-profile meeting for jewellery enthusiasts, global brands, and aspiring designers for the past 17 years. Qatar Tourism has officially announced that the 18th edition of DJWE to be held this year will feature a number of highlights that jewelry lovers can look forward to.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the 18th edition of the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) was initially postponed last year in line with the precautionary measures announced by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH).

The event is  at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) in West Bay on May 9 continuing until the 14th. Registration to attend the free-of-charge exhibition has been launched at Visit Qatar’s website. The 18th edition will showcase over 65 exhibitors from over ten countries, 500 recognized international companies along with successful Young Qatari designers while also reflecting the cultural tradition of elegance and craftsmanship.  This year, DJWE is set to feature Indian superstar, Alia Bhatt as the face of the campaign.

Public Opening timings:
Friday, May 13th: 4pm to 10pm
Saturday, May 14th: 12pm to 10pm

Lounge Schedule for Thursday May 12th

Workshop – Beauty & Value of Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds

Time: 15.00 – 16.00 
Exhibitor: IGI
Presenter: Sara Ben Zid – Provost and Creative Head

Sara has created a fully experienced career in the gems and jewellery industry, obtaining vast knowledge and a formidable combined competence in Branding, Art, and Gemmology as a luxury MBA graduate from Sup De Luxe, Paris.

After the presentation, you'll be able to:

  • Know everything there is to know about precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.
  • Recognize the numerous varieties of precious gemstones, including their formation, location, and origins.
  • Recognize the many types of treatments and improvements.
  • The importance of certification.


Workshop – The Story of Hairaat 

Time: 17.00 – 18.00 
Exhibitor: Hairaat
Presenter: Nada Khamis Al-Sulaiti – Founder of Hairaat Jewellery

Nada Khamis Al-Sulaiti is a Qatari jewelry designer who has won numerous awards. Hairaat Jewellery was founded in 2011 by Nada Al-Sulaiti, and the brand's first flagship store launched in November 2019 at the Gate Mall Doha. She has a special talent for fusing Qatar's rich culture with worldwide jewelry techniques. Her artwork tells a tale. Every work is influenced by the designer's cultural and family memories. Hairaat's jewelry reflects Qatar's rich culture to the world, fusing it with international appeal to create one-of-a-kind striking pieces.


Workshop – Jewellery Etiquette

Time: 19.00 – 20.00 
Exhibitor: Papillion Jewellery
Presenters: Noora Al Ansari – Founder of Papillion Jewellery;
Elisabete Reis –Image, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant   

Noora Al Ansari, a Doha native, founded Papillon Jewelry in 2011 as a unique Qatari concept. She has always been interested about the brilliant beauty that may be created. In her designs for Papillon's contemporary and heritage collections, Noora's unique vision and creative energy show through. 

Elisabete has extensive expertise as a Certified Fashion, Image, Etiquette, and Protocol Consultant. Elisabete is also the founder of Glam Your Image, which offers individual and corporate counseling and training.

The aim of this workshop is to highlight:

  • Papillon Jewellery and explain about concept & collection.
  • The significance of determining the correct piece of jewelry to complement your appearance and personality.
  • Following trends or being unique
  • Tips for choosing the right jewellery for you.
  • Tips for styling the Papillon Jewellery collection on you.
  • Does and don’ts 
  • Q & A

The specially held DJWE's workshops and side events are meant to connect industry experts and specialists with buyers and learn more about their customers' preferences in the region. 

Special displays jewellery and watch connoisseurs should keep an eye out for:

Louis Vuitton’s Saturne necklace

The showstopper piece will be presented for the first time at DJWE [Booth C8].  The necklace is a magnificent 186.42-carat work of art with over 140 multi-colored sapphires and diamonds. Keep an eye out for LV's proprietary diamond cuts, which are inspired by the luxury brand's distinctive monogram flowers – a round-cut flower diamond and a pointed-cut flower diamond.


Gaga Milano’s collection

Gagà Milano, the first Italian watchmaker to participate in DJWE, is set to enchant watch enthusiasts with its horological marvels [Booth B16]. Visitors to its display can look through a variety of collections, including Quirky Tourbillon, Napoleone, Manuale 48 mm, and Skeleton 48 mm, all of which contain limited edition pieces and reflect the company's trademark blend of tradition, attention to detail, and a dash of whimsy.


Down syndrome by Al Maha Collection

Jewelry meant to promote awareness of Down Syndrome by Al Maha Collections. The collection is full of affection, as it captivates with its sensitive patterns, according to Al Darwish Jewelry. It is set with precious jewels such as Ruby and Emerald. Each design in this collection contains one precious diamond, which represents the extra chromosome seen in people with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a disorder in which a person possesses one extra chromosome, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The United Nations estimates that 3,000 to 5,000 infants are born each year with this chromosomal abnormality.


Mouawad Regina Suite and Dragon Suite

Mouawad, the Lebanese jewelry powerhouse, will unveil classic pieces suited for royalty [Booth D1]. The Regina Suite has a stunning necklace that transforms into a crown, while the Dragon Suite is stunningly set with the largest yellow diamond of its type, as graded by GIA.


Gems and Metals Calibration Lab (GMCL)

Visitors interested in learning more about gems and precious metals can stop by Qatar's own GMCL stand, which will be present at DJWE for the first time [Booth A8a]. GMCL, an affiliate of the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the result of five years of local market research, is on a mission to create awareness about the importance of grading and to ensure that products accessible in Qatar's market meet international standards.

Special experiences of the exhibition that you shouldn’t miss:


DJWE’s Big Nine

Following in the footsteps of previous editions, some of Qatar's most prestigious jewellers have set up big showcases at DJWE, with many presenting new brands, limited edition collections, and remarkable showpieces. This year’s big nine include AlFardan Jewellery, Ali Bin Ali Luxury, Al Majed Jewellery, Al Muftah Jewellery, Amiri Gems, Blue Salon, Bvlgari, Fifty One East and Louis Vuitton.

AlMajed Jewellery’s limited edition official licensed products for FIFA 2022 Qatar

Visitors to DJWE and football enthusiasts may get a first look at AlMajed Jewellery's official licensed items in Qatar as the country prepares to host the region's first ever World Cup tournament.

Limited-edition items include jewelry, pens, and other luxury items studded with precious stones, all of which are designed to reflect Qatar's tradition and culture. Al Majed Jewellery and FIFA, the international governing body of football, signed a licensing agreement in September 2021 to be the officially licensed luxury jewelry and accessories at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

DJULA’s on-site piercing services

DJULA, a Parisian jeweler known for its delicate designs and unusual ear piercings, will be displaying its latest creations at DJWE this year. In order to provide clients with the full DJULA experience, one of DJULA's professional piercers has flown in from France and will be on hand throughout the exhibition to provide customers with a complimentary on-site piercing session. Famous personalities like Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lawrence have all been photographed wearing DJULA's creations.

Qatari Designers

DJWE will dedicate floor space to 10 Qatari designers as part of QT's ongoing efforts to encourage local talent and creativity. Local designers and entrepreneurs will be presenting their items alongside some of the industry's most well-known names for the fifth year in a row. 

International Pavilions

In honor of Turkish and Indian jewellers' long history of workmanship, trade, and influence in the area, this year's DJWE will feature a dedicated pavilion for brands from both nations. Following on the success of earlier editions, the Turkish and Indian pavilions are back for the second and third time respectively.

Inspirational talks at the DJWE lounge

The DJWE lounge will provide open workshops ranging from the creative process of jewelry development to consumer savvy when it comes to buying diamonds and precious stones during the course of the exhibition. Visitors will hear from a variety of entrepreneurs and designers, including Nada Al Sulaiti of Hairaat, a Qatari designer, and Sébastien L'étrange, the 7th generation heir of the L'ETRANGE brand. LÉTRANGE, a Printemps brand, will be showcasing a one-of-a-kind Croco leather bag with white gold handles and diamonds weighing approximately 200 carats.

Other highlights of the event will also include an exclusive DJWE Lounge hosting Jewelry–themed movies and Ali Bin Ali to introduce (x2) new brands from Switzerland and the United States.

Qatar Business Events Corporation is in charge of organizing the event. Qatar National Bank (official bank sponsor), Qatar Airways (official airline partner), and Al Fardan Automotive (official automobile sponsor), as well as DECC and Day & Night Watches and jewelry magazines, are among the sponsors and partners.

 The high-profile gathering at DJWE will continue to be the heart of glamor, where exclusivity, beauty, art, legacy, and distinctive workmanship join together to convey the memorable tale behind each jewel, According to Qatar Tourism's website. The Qatar Clean program, a collaboration between QNTC and the Ministry of Public Health, is still being implemented in all hotels and restaurants.  Go ahead and register your spot!


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