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Abusing someone ...

By acchabaccha

There is a very old proverb we get to hear many times: Time heals all wounds.

This proverb has failed to prove itself over what has taken place over the last three weeks between a QLer and me.  I got to realize this some days back.

It was this person posting under the name of JJr1981 who put in an item at Qatar Living just before the advent of Ramadan. It was posted under the title “Indirect begging hitting peak during Ramadan”. In his initial post he simply spewed out his hatred towards one nation but lacked the courage to name the nation openly. However, all indications in his post clearly pointed towards one country – Pakistan.  In short, in his post, he indicated Pakistanis were beggars. He continued projecting Pakistanis as beggars in the same light in his next comment.

I wrote my comments on this post correcting the sick views of the person posting the article.  There were comments by other QLers also. (The post has since been deleted by the Moderators and I really appreciated that). But the matter just did not end there.

I was surprised to find a message in my PM section at Qatar Living from this very person JJr1981. He gave his name as Bilal and stated he was from Bangladesh. The 9-line message from this person to was abusive, very abusive to meHe wrote about the atrocities committed by Pakistanis in 1972 (HA! HA! HA! HA!). It was funny as he did not know about his own history as Bangladesh came into existence in 1971, but just jumped to write his “dirty” message. Since he does not know his own history, he also does not know of all the things the rag-tag, untrained, trigger-happy  so-called freedom fighters known as “Mukti Bahini “did to the unharmed Biharis in the then East Pakistan. The mass graves of Biharis were presented to the world later on to see as proof of the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Army. Dead people don’t tell tales, do they?  

Even after 47 years of Bangladesh coming on the map of the world, the wounds of the separation do not seem to have healed up and the hatred seems to continue.

Bilal did not stop there.

He ended his message with a THREAT to me! It was not the type of threat we get to read rarely at QL. The e-x-a-c-t words in his message were: “we bangladheshis (written in low caps) are good in “Kaala Jadoo” (I could not use the English word for Kaala Jadoo which is bl**k m***c that was in the message as the system will block this post from appearing) and I will see to it that your life gets destroyed by meting my uncle who can do such a thing.”

But then, this Bilal is truly a coward. After sending me his very abusive and “threatening” message, he has disabled his account at Qatar Living as that would prevent me from responding to his abusive message. His action is of no use as I guess I already know where he works and have also his contact details. However, my education and upbringing does not allow me to respond in any way to a person with such low morals and hardly any education.

Will the “Kaala Jadoo” of Bangladesh work on me and destroy me? Let me wait and see. I am not afraid and have not gone into hiding!

It takes all sorts of people to make up this world, doesn’t it?  





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