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French Housewife Shunned by Community

By anonymous

Mimi Le Blanc now eats alone at La Cigale and attends French arrogance classes at the French Embassy as her own means of interacting with fellow French nationals.

Dan Singh, part time salsa teacher and intrepid reporter for the Gulfpenis Tribune investigated her strange case.

'It all started when I said to my husband, lets save some money and live without a maid. I can clean the house, get the kids dressed in the morning for onion classes and wash our clothes. At first its was great to have my house back to myself and feel satsified at doing a days work. Of course I had to give up wine drinking with the ladies at lunchtime and sneering at the Americans for being so uncultured but then the other French ladies found out what I had done. They said I was setting a bad example to their husbands and they might get the wrong idea. Plus they attacked me for my lack of compassionate saying that some poor Filipino family cannot afford crossiants for breakfast back in Vietnam or where ever they come from'

Dan in his research from that it is not unsual for the French to shun the locals and the other expats in whatever country they are posted, but it is unsual for them to shun one of their own, no matter how arrogant or even if they say they like British food. Dan caught up with some of her ex-friends;

Marie of Al French Villas said, 'et is shocking. My husband found out and now wants me to give up the maid, the house boy and the gardner. Who will I have left to shout at?'

Chantelle DeBoobies was even more enraged, 'why doesn't her husband just go and marry a Thai lady if he wants us to scrub floors. Do you know how much my nails cost? This lady is the biggest traitor to France since, well probably ever. I will never let her sample my cheese again'.

The new French President has denied rumours that Mimi Le Blanc will be stripped of her citizenship but did indicate that she will be re-educated on return to France.

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By ks.muhammed• 3 years 11 months ago.

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By anonymous• 5 years 11 months ago.

It was meant as a joke, I didn't realise how much truth it has in it........ I feel sorry for the French husbands now....

By Camelia• 5 years 11 months ago.

Don't think that all french women act this way....!

Though i am french, i stay far away from them.

Meeting for breakfast in a 5 star hotel, just to talk badly about the ones who are not there,,playing the nouveaux riches in their huge villas and forgetting that back home they only have a 45 m2 appartment and like Pouf64 said complaining about ,,,,,


By Pouf64• 5 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

That's why even me as a french, I tend to avoid french.

Life is sometimes too easy for some expat wifes who's husband work for oil and gas company, get villa, diverse allowances and super high salaries.

And still, those people complain all the time ... for everything.

My poor country ...

By britexpat• 5 years 11 months ago.

How old is she. Perhaps I can help her. I remember what the French did to Joan of Arc :O(

By FlyingJD• 5 years 11 months ago.

I dont know . how ,but you seem to know very well about cultural cliche goin around in Doha

By GodFather.• 5 years 11 months ago.

Also need to be censored is some ones avatar sitting with their pants down on the WC?

By dezertryder• 5 years 11 months ago.

something to be censored in the "title of news paper" (2md paragraph)

By britexpat• 5 years 11 months ago.

She should be smacked with a wet Kipper ...

By GodFather.• 5 years 11 months ago.

Tiz iz de truff. She must pay for her hideous crime of setting ze bad example! Vive la France,"

By britexpat• 5 years 11 months ago.


Actually ze requirements for ze maid and ze gardner suddenly fade when one boards ze Air Frog Air Bus 320 on an exit only visa :O)

By anonymous• 5 years 11 months ago.

what a load of crap!!!

come on people.... Gulf penis tribune and chantelle deboobies. ha ha ha ha. behave!!!!

No one shuns me for cleaning my own house and actually looking after my own husband, what a crap wife i would be if i couldnt clean my own house and look after my own children and husband, we dont need to employ someone in our house to do the jobs a proper wife should do!!!!

By Miss Mimi• 5 years 11 months ago.
Miss Mimi

Tis true. I couldn't stand that maid. I can buy my own smelly cheese.

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