GAMCA Approved Medical Center in Qatar

By arvind3585


Which medical center is GAMCA approved? 


By nixnixon2001• 8 Nov 2023 16:04

Dear All,

This is the

This is the continuation of my previous post.

I had previously shared my experience with Crystal Sands Tourism, B-Ring Road. This is to elaborate on how their scheme worked and why they are not yet behind bars.

1) Collect Name and Numbers of families in front of supermarkets

2) Call victims and tell them to come to the office to collect free gifts with family where you have to pay nothing. If you go with your spouse, they will play mind games to make you sign the contract. Also, they give milk, biscuits and juice to kids to keep them occupied.

2.1 About 10 people will sit in one room with a trained sales/brainwash executive. They play music so you won't hear what is happening at the nearest tables.

2.2 They have staff to handle kids so that kids won't cry or disturb you during brainwashing sessions and they can prolong the session until you agree.

2,3 Lies Lies Lies

Lie 1. We were giving tour plans to companies before, we are expanding business to regular people now. We have given tour plans to employees in companies like Qatar Airways, Qatar Energy, Mannai etc.

Lie 2. They offer flexible EMI for 12 months and 24 months. They don't have a connection with any bank. They will deduct the entire amount in one shot and they will play every game to avoid giving service and refund. If you see the full amount in their POS machine run away.

Lie 3. They offer a full package which includes everything except Air Ticket. I was planning for Umrah and they said for the holy pilgrimage everything is covered. There are a few smart guys who did fight well and received hotel bookings even though it was in an average place. None of them received any other than a hotel booking which is given only once in your lifetime. If you plan for a second trip you will never be able to get anything.


Lie 4. Lulu Voucher: They have no relation with the Lulu group. I did report it in Lulu and they said they don't know anything about Crystal Sands Tourism and they don't have any relation with the scammers. Many people asked for a hotel booking after spending a large amount of money on Airfare and the expenses in the place nobody got a Lulu voucher other than the one 50 riyal coupon they received while joining.

Lie 5: They give you login credentials to log in from any country and book tickets. Nobody, Literally nobody got a login credential to log in to their page. This is just to convince you to sign the contract.

Lie 6: They have branches in India, UAE, Qatar and many other countries.

Lie 7: Everything else they told is a lie. I missed many please put the rest in the comments if you remember anything else

3. Round 1: Assessing your paying capacity and whom to convince

3.1 Who is the decision maker in your family?

3.2 What was the last trip you went on? How much do you spend on a trip?

3.3 What is your credit card limit?(Another way to ask what is your salary)

3.4 How often do you travel? What is the duration of the travel?

3.5 An so on.

3. They will keep on adding offers until you agree. Few people signed up for a plan which gives Lulu coupons for the amount they paid(Literally free). They say they give Lulu coupons after using the service. But it is a bad joke.

4. They clap when someone signs up for a plan. Just to convince others. Not sure how many claps are legit.

5. People will come with fancy titles like Manager or senior manager and brainwash you efficiently.

Why they are still not in Jail?

1. They only target Indians. They know the police won't give priority to Indians like European/American/British or Qatari. Also, most Indians fight for a while and give up because they don't want any trouble.

2. If someone is so powerful or the police accept someone's complaint they will refund and settle it(Again to avoid legal issues).

3. If you can be easily threatened or you don't want trouble, forget your money.

4. If someone posts in Qatarliving or anywhere they will threaten you, and trouble you until you delete the post. They have a unique way of creating a fake email ID and asking QL team to delete the post. If there are so many posts they will be legally scr3wed up.

5. They purposefully didn't create a Google page to avoid bad reviews. Or else people will blast them with negative comments and MOI itself go to their office and arrest them at the scene.

6. Most of their employees don't use their real name like the Srilankan guy named Shyam. Check his QID.

7. Their company is registered and they have the right to add non-refundable terms in the contract. It is legally valid until you prove they are scammers or they didn't provide service. The police won't take a complaint easily as you signed a non-refundable contract(the police will still take it. Need time to convince them). However, MOCI accepts the complaint and you will money back(they won't take action against the company as they will refund).

How to get a refund?

Don't fall for their threatening tricks. No lawyer in the country supports these scammers. They don't have a legal team. Raise a complaint in MOCI the Duhail CID office or the Qatar Tourism Authority(Whichever is near to you). The process might not be very transparent. But it is not broken yet. Don't lose hope. I heard recently they settled the full or partial amount to many victims who raised complaints. Looks like they are facing some legal issues. So they might run away any time soon.

Is this scam new in Doha?

No, it is been happening for a long under the below names:

Gulf Gate Tourism WLL

Marhaba Tourism WLL

Royal Regis, Qatar

Country Club, Doha

Add anyone if I missed it.

Must share and post comments. Let us spread awareness about the scam which is wild. I got my money after a long and desperate fight. I don't want anyone to fall victim to these scammers.

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