Places to get healthy meal plans in Qatar

Places to get healthy meal plans in Qatar

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The local community in Qatar enjoys the local food as well as the various international offerings available as a result of a multi-cultural population. Healthy food has swiftly become a go-to option for many fitness enthusiasts in Doha as everyone wishes to lead a fit lifestyle. Those who wish to save time from the hassle of preparing healthy meals or sticking to their diets can opt for a plethora of healthy meal plan subscriptions where brands offer tasty, healthy meals packaged fresh and delivered to your address. 

Here are a couple of places that offer healthy and diet meal plans in Qatar.


Hemya is a meal plan service that is backed by a specialist team from Al Ahli Hospital and offers unique diet programs for everyone. The special features of their diets include the fact that you can design your own meals and choose from an option of different food recipes within your calorie intake limit after a consultation with their dietitian. They offer single-day orders, as well as a subscription to weekly, fortnightly, and monthly packages including delivery on Fridays. They even offer healthy business lunch meal plans as well. 

Prices: QAR 345 to QAR 4,599 (depending on the plan frequency and calorie intake chosen)

Contact: 4489 8888

Zen Cuisine

One of the most popular meal plan subscriptions in Qatar is Zen Cuisine. Their offerings include full day, half day, and lunch plans that can be opted for one day, 12 days, or 24 days. What makes them really viable is that their plans cater to a wide audience including those looking to bulk up, detox, cleanse, lose weight, or even pregnant/breastfeeding mothers looking for the right nutrition. Their meals are also custom-made according to your caloric requirements and are really pocket-friendly too.

Prices: QAR 100 to QAR 3,600 (depending on the plan chosen)

Contact: 3066 6544


Evergreen Organics

Evergreen Organics is another good meal plan subscription that offers three different categories of diet meals at two different options. The two meal options can be availed at 1200 and 1600 calories for weight loss and 2800 and 3400 calories for muscle-building plans. They also offer juice cleanse programs, healthy nut butters, low-calorie desserts, and protein shakes that can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Prices: QAR 999 to QAR 5,220 (depending on the plan chosen)

Contact: 4472 0437 | 3060 0226 | 4006 0049 |



Dieture is founded by an entrepreneur who began the brand as a fitness training company to help people transform their lifestyles. The company understands the struggle behind curating healthy meals with busy lifestyles. Dieture provides you with dietitian consultations along with meals that are made from the freshest ingredients and delivered right to your doorstep. They offer three, four, five, six, and seven meals per day plan options that include the three main meals plus a snack and dessert offerings. Dieture also offers keto meals too.

Prices: QAR 1,776 to QAR 5,320

Contact: 3334 4679


Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen is another innovative diet plan service kitchen that offers curated healthy meals. The brand is founded by a bodybuilding coach and specialist and offers weekly follow-ups by their nutritionists to ensure your health progress. The meals are made by following a precise macro counting system to help customers gain weight, lose weight, or just simply maintain a healthy weight. The brand also offers keto meal plans.

Prices: QAR 900 to QAR 4,200

Contact: 3330 1344



Calibre offers high-quality, nutrient-rich meal plans that are specifically tailored to your dietary needs. You can opt for a customized meal plan, select your meals, and even choose to indulge in desserts without guilt on their membership. Their programs include the classic, keto, and traditional fusion plans which offer tasty, delicious meals.

Prices: QAR 2,500 to QAR 5,000

Contact: 3046 2000 | 5534 0002



Elements offers international cuisine inspired from different flavors and their meals are backed by nutrition science. Their mantra is to cater to dietary needs that contribute to holistic mental and physical well-being. Their custom portion-sized meals are available as gold, silver, and bronze memberships. Elements also offers vegan meal plans so that is another option.

Prices: QAR 1,200 to QAR 3,200

Contact: 3399 2599 |


Ideal Diet Café

Ideal Diet Café is not just a restaurant and café, but also offers diet meal memberships. The brand is backed by the founder of Tadawi Medical Center and the meal plans offered are supported by diet experts. Their meal plans are given after consultations and a full in-body analysis done to gauge your requisite caloric intake. Their memberships include keto plans, athlete meals, maternity memberships, kids memberships, and even detox juice plans.

Prices: QAR 900 to QAR 6,300

Contact: 5013 5392 | 4488 7745 |


Lite N Appetite

Lite N Appetite adopts a wholesome dietary approach with their meal plans. They offer 100% fresh meals that are prepared daily, delivered timely and are really healthy. The brand also offers a body mass analysis (BMA) and an assessment by dietitians as per your package choice. Lite N Appetite packages include various programs such as Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT), Healthy Weigh, Healthy Lifestyle, Exersize, and Hermonal (for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers).  

Price: QAR 3,000 onwards

Contact: 4442 0034 | 3338 3501 |



Check out the list of healthy meal plan companies in Qatar.


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