WATCH: Top 6 spots for jogging in Qatar

WATCH: Top 6 spots for jogging in Qatar

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Today's episode of QL Flashback Fridays features some of the best spots for jogging in Qatar.

As Qatar prepares to bid farewell to the hot summer months, take advantage of the pleasant weather and head out to these places meant to elevate your mood and keep you on track with your fitness routine.


6. Old Airport Park

As the name indicates, the Old Airport Park is located in the Old Airport area. One of the most popular local parks in Qatar, the Old Airport Park attracts families, sports lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, young and old alike to its lush green garden.

The park, although not as big as some of the other parks in Qatar, offers a perfect spot for a morning jog, as you can enjoy the calmness of nature yet feel the fast pace of life right next to a bustling street.   

5. The Pearl - Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is one of the most mesmerizing places in Doha. Although the place is mainly dominated by residential buildings, high-end retail outlets, and some top-notch cafes and restaurants, the Pearl-Qatar features dedicated jogging tracks for individuals who wish to keep fit.

This spot lets you immerse in a gorgeous view while you sweat it out!

4. Oxygen Park 

A unique public space in Qatar, the magnificent Oxygen Park is located in the Education City, Qatar Foundation.

Spread over 130,000-square-meter of land, Oxygen Park is popularly known as the Green Lung of Education City.

It offers students and visitors alike a space to refresh their mind, body, and spirit and an opportunity to explore the symbiotic relationships between oxygen, plants, and healthy purified living.

With its scenic views and rejuvenating environment, Oxygen Park serves as a great spot for jogging in the city! 

3. Doha Festival City's leisure trail

This 4.5-kilometer outdoor leisure trail was launched about two years ago and has been enriched Qatar's outdoor offerings. 

The spot provides families and fitness lovers a one-of-its-kind track for jogging, walking, and biking activities.

Surrounding the mall, the track includes a running and walking path, as well as an adjacent cycling lane with technical trail features specifically designed for mountain bikes. 

2. The Doha Corniche

One of the most admired and popular places in the heart of Qatar, the Doha Corniche is a local favorite for fitness lovers in Qatar.

From MIA Park to the Hotel Park, the track is an excellent spot for jogging with its view of the magnificent Doha skyline.

The view at night is even more striking as the buildings light up, enhancing the appeal of this brilliant jogging spot!

1. Aspire Park

 Last but certainly not least, Aspire Park is a jogger's paradise. It ticks all the boxes for any requirements you would have as a jogger. 

With a professional running track, beautiful view, other runners around to take your motivation level up,  the park is everything you'd need to get your jogging routine going.

The park also hosts several running competitions in Qatar throughout the year. 


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