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WATCH: Adapt to a healthy lifestyle with Régime Nutrition Center and BMI Fitness

WATCH: Adapt to a healthy lifestyle with Régime Nutrition Center and BMI Fitness

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By Qatar Living

Healthy diet and exercise are both crucial to your well-being!

Régime Nutrition Center

Régime Nutrition Center, a new revolutionary diet center and clinic that provides you with the opportunity to work closely with the dietitian in order to achieve your goals and have a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of Régime Nutrition Center is to spread awareness in the society about the importance of leading a healthy balanced lifestyle. The services include:

Weight management

The customized meal plans are tailored to your lifestyle, food preferences and dietary needs. By incorporating nutritious fruits and vegetables, lean animal and vegetarian proteins, wholesome carbohydrates, and modest amounts of healthy fats, you'll improve your health, achieve your goals, and reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

The ultimate goal is to help in losing body fat while improving health, without feeling denied or deprived!

Weight management for youth

It helps your  child achieve a healthy weight. The aim is to improve the lives of children and families who are facing challenges and health conditions related to weight (high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, sleep problems, irregular periods, and risk of diabetes.

The food is tailored as per child’s preference!

Diabetic Diet

The Régime plans fit in with your schedule and eating habits, allowing you to improve your overall health and prevent complications such as heart disease, stroke and some cancers. People with diabetes can enjoy vegetables, whole grains, fruits, non-fat dairy products, beans, lean meats, poultry and fish - the same foods that benefit all of us.


As the cardiovascular disease risk factors are assessed in individuals with hypertension, Régime pays attention to the lifestyles that favorably affect BP level and reduce overall cardiovascular disease risk.

A relatively small reduction in BP may affect the incidence of cardiovascular disease on a population basis. A decrease in BP of 2 mm Hg reduces the risk of stroke by 15% and the risk of coronary artery disease by 6% in a given population.

The DASH diet (eating more fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products, less saturated and total fat) to help you manage your blood pressure and make you lose weight.


Obesity frequently elevates cholesterol levels in both very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) and LDL fractions, raises triglyceride levels, lowers HDL cholesterol levels, raises blood pressure and promotes glucose intolerance. Weight loss lowers total cholesterol and its LDL and VLDL fractions, lowers triglycerides and raises HDL cholesterol. As studies have shown, a reduction in total cholesterol by 1 percent may decrease a person's risk of developing coronary heart disease by 2%.

Régime caters a healthy, low fat and low calorie meals, loaded fibers, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and Omega 3 to help you manage your dyslipidemia and live a longer and healthier live.

Renal/ kidney Diets

Diet is an important part of your treatment plan when you have kidney disease.

Getting the right amount of calories and protein, managing the sodium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and fluids you consume, and staying at a healthy body weight is very important. If you have chronic kidney disease, your recommended diet may limit protein. Protein is important for building muscles, repairing tissue and fighting infections.

Régime takes care of balancing the macronutrients in your meal plan to optimize your calories.

Body after Baby Plan

Régime’s Body after Baby meal program helps you to feel great and look your best at every point before, during and after your pregnancy. It's never too early, or too late, to take the best care of your baby and your family, and most importantly, yourself!

Sports Nutrition Plan

Régime offers tailored plans that are designed to address the needs of professional athletes of all ages. Whether your goal is endurance, speed, strength or all three, we can customize your meals to help you achieve your goals.

BMI Fitness

BMI Fitness strives to personalize your experience by offering a variety of leading edge training methodologies and tools so you feel challenged in the way that feels right to you.

Personal Training

Work individually with a BMI fitness coach on a completely customized training program focused on your specific needs and goals.

Small Group Training

Get the benefits of working with a BMI fitness coach while sharing the cost with your friends or colleagues. There is nothing like peer pressure along with expert guidance to keep you on track and accountable. Groups can range from 3 to 6 people.

Group Fitness

Experience the energy and power of the latest and hottest group workouts lead by some of the best instructors in the industry. Group fitness is a great way to get in your additional cardio or strength workouts between training sessions with your BMI fitness coach. The variety and group camaraderie will keep you coming back for more!


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