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By botswanaboy


Does anyone know of a kayaking club/group in Doha?


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By anonymous• 9 years 10 months ago.

They are called the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

Please contact Vince Mee (mobile no. 6749254) or John Coubrough (mobile no. 5279189). I am not sure if they do Kayak Courses but they do sailing courses check out their website

In fact if you are interested at all in sailing they are offering a new course of 21 lessons of 2 hours per lesson from 14th September - 26th November 2008 which will be held at the Aeronautical College Doha.

By irrysa• 9 years 10 months ago.

i know they have them in the sailing club next to marriott...try it there. membership is not expensive and people r cool.

By alsboy• 9 years 10 months ago.

There is a set of teams who does this besides sealine resort, i guess dey r members of sum sort of club, u cud try askin dem... dey usually come down by middle of sept. till de summer returns..

By worldexplorer• 9 years 10 months ago.

I think the Diplomatic Club has them for rent but only for members. I would be interested in a kayaking club but the only kayak I've ever found for sale in Qatar was rediculously overpriced.

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