One Crazy Book comes to inspire a Wellness Movement in Qatar

By sana khan

More and more people everyday are suffering from chronic conditions. Often, the conventional approach used leaves them without answers or solutions, but tired and still feeling sick.

In Qatar, a group of expats defies the odds and gets together to write a book about wellness, health, nourishment and joy aimed to start an empowerment movement and help people regain control of their bodies regardless of their diagnosis.

The book called One Crazy Broccoli – My body is smarter than my disease, is a collection of true stories, all sharing what people went through, how they managed to recover from chronic disease and other conditions and what they learned on their journey.

Since its release on last October 28th, it became an immediate hit in several Bestselling charts, including #1 New Release for General Diabetes Health and Heart Disease, and Bestseller in 3 categories, as well as gaining the title of International Bestseller.

One of the local co-authors is Anahi Brown, BSc, HHC, AADP, a Venezuelan expat and Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Coach living in Qatar for over six years, shared her own struggle with Post-Natal Depression and Hashimoto’s Disease and how she work with these diagnosis and ultimately regain control of her body and health.

Because of her experience, she has focused her professional practice to supporting women and, more specifically, moms to find a balance in their life and regain a sense of wellness and joy within the fast-paced Qatar life, focusing on her Holistic Nourishment approach to empower them into happier individuals who have tools to have healthier families.

Some of the other local co-authors who will be present during the book launch include Jacob Melaard, Transformational Coach and Feel Good Enthusiast; Nicole van Hattem, Holistic Success Coach; Dr. Maral Yazdandoost, Naturopath; Jacki Woodworth, MSW, Mindfulness, Yoga and Pilates Teacher; Gabi Pezo, Joy designer, Laughter Yoga and Gibberish Teacher, Tatjana Kulibabo, Instructor at College of North Atlantic Qatar and Jin Shin Do Acupressure Practitioner; and Emily Alp, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Coach and Science Writer. Each has a unique approach to wellness and a story meant to inspire and empower our Qatar based community.

The book launch will be at Jones The Grocer – The Pearl (31 La Croisette) on 15th November from 5:00 to 7:00pm and it’s open to media and the public. The agenda for the evening includes a book reading, where the co-authors will share parts of their stories, a Questions and Answer section and a chance to meet and mingle with the authors as well as buy your copy and get it signed. Also, the first 30 book buyers will win a special gift from one of the co-authors and a chance to win a Wellness Package full of great products, transformative sessions and more.

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