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Piles Treatment

December Tulip
By December Tulip

Is there a good place in Qatar to go for treatment for piles? What about in Hamad hospital? Are private hospitals good here for this treatment?

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By hms• 7 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Either Hamad or Al ahli hospital, u need to undergo through a small surgery to remove it completely

By hms• 7 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Either Hamad or Al ahli hospital, u need to undergo through a small surgery to remove it completely

By anonymous• 7 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

hi friend how r u?

let me present to u some information on piles and the home remedies


Piles is just another word for hemorrhoids. When you have hemorrhoids, you have swollen veins in the lower part of your rectum and anus. They are actually quite unpleasant. Sometimes, women who are pregnant develop hemorrhoids because of the extra weight of the baby pressing on the veins. It can also happen if you push too hard when you are having a bowel movement.


Piles disease can have several different symptoms: These include blood during bowel movements, discomfort and pain, intense itching in the anal area, swelling surrounding your anus, and a problem with feces leaking. Piles disease can also cause a lump in the anal region, and sometimes, if you have hemorrhoids and you push too much they can protrude from the anus, which is always very painful.

How to Get Relief From Piles Disease

Some of the steps you can take to get relief from Piles Disease include;

* Take three or four figs and add them to a glass of water; you will want to let these soak in the water overnight and then drink the water in the morning before breakfast. This should be done every morning for about three weeks. This is known as one of the best natural remedies for Piles Disease.

* If you are constipated you will want to do what you can to relieve the condition as soon as possible.

It is best to find a home remedy to relieve constipation,

•Mash a banana in a cup of hot milk and drink the milk. You should do this about three times a day, but you should only try this home remedy for Piles Disease if you do not have problems with blood sugar.

One of the most important things you can do to help relieve your symptoms is not to be too overly concerned or embarrassed by it; stress can make them worse. Piles are a condition that commonly affects pregnant women, as well as the elderly, but anyone can have problems with hemorrhoids.


By Jhong_C• 7 years 6 months ago.

Hamad Hospital is okay! Normally you'll undergo a surgery to remove the pus from your piles. Good Luck!

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