Yoga Hi - Recharge and Rejuvenate at Qatar's latest yoga studio

By Noor Odeh

From starting yoga at the age of three, to being a cabin crew member at Qatar Airways, Sonam Singh followed her dream and opened a yoga studio called Yoga Hi in Doha on October 10th, 2018.

Singh was first exposed to yoga at the age of three when her father used to practice it. She said it really fascinated her and she wanted to learn. Eventually, she started training at a very young age for two months at a summer camp in her school. 

As Singh grew older, her father wanted her to be a flight attendant. She joined Jet Airways in India then changed to Qatar Airways throughout her career and when she asked herself what her next step in life would be, she started coming up with a plan to move to another chapter of her life. Singh said, “I want to live my life all part of it, I want to see the full slice, the full cake of life. So I decided to quit my job and then I wanted to explore how much I can do.”

October 10th, 2017, Singh departed from Qatar Airways having no idea where she’d end up or what she’d be having the following year. Then as she described it, “everything was falling in place and I just took a chance” which lead her journey to focusing on yoga again. From her time of unemployment, she went backpacking through her home country, India, and exposed herself to a sea of yoga classes and skills to bring them to her next plan.

Her next plan was opening a yoga studio. She said one of the reasons for opening a yoga studio center was to give job opportunities for yoga teachers. She also said, “The second intention behind it is just to change the perspective of how yoga is not only physical, it’s way beyond that.”

Singh welcomes people of Doha, men and women to try out the center FOR FREE next weekend, from October 18th-20th.

To learn more about Yoga Hi, visit their website.

Will you be checking out Yoga Hi? Let us know in the comments below.

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By Molten Metal• 3 days 17 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Keko, This is like a dream, yea, really, FREE next weekend, from October 18th-20th. Its so much exciting yea, great.

By KekoPat• 4 days 15 hours ago.

This is exciting.

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