Keeping your groceries safe in Qatar's heat

By shaunmyburg

Food storage in Qatar can often be a challenge. With our harsh climate, food storage is of the utmost importance. Dealing with the heat and humidity is part and parcel of living in the Gulf region, which means extra attention should be paid to how you take care of your food supplies.

Health and safety in the food industry is taken very seriously by Ministry officials, but there are a few ways you can keep yourself safe (and ensure a longer life for your groceries) in your own home.

Storing your food away from light is the first step. Try not to store your food items in the open or near a window where it is in contact with direct sunlight, rather keep it safely stored in a pantry cupboard, or if need be cover it with a blanket.

Noticed your green bananas ripen overnight? Oxygen and moisture can be a nuisance when it comes to planning your week’s meals. If you want to help your fruits and vegetables last longer, investing in a good vacuum sealer will definitely help! This also helps with longer life items such as rice, dal and beans.

If your accommodation come with a freezer, then you’re already ahead of the game. A good freezer helps to beat the heat. However, we know that not everyone in the community has the luxury of a freezer due to space issues or cost. There are a few alternatives to keeping your food safe from the heat. As long as you have a good AC system, or perhaps a good set of fans, try store your food in the coldest area of your house, preferably this should also be the area with the most shade.

These are just a few pointers which are often overlooked, so try make it a habit to protect your food to keep you and your family healthy. 

Let us know what other innovative ways you’ve used to keep your groceries safe and lasting longer in the comments below.

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