WATCH: The magic fruit - DATES and their health benefits!

By QL Videos

Dates are a prominent food staple in this region, and for good reason! Considering the harsh conditions of the desert environment, these little fruits have provided the inhabitants of this region with energy and nutrients for millennia, staving off starvation and exhaustion in the dry sands.

Dates are one the most nutrient-dense fruits you can find, and are packed with bone-strengthening vitamins, and contain natural sugars that provide an excellent energy boost. They can help treat anemia, as they contain plenty of iron, which is something our blood needs and keeps us strong and energetic.

Aside from this, dates also happen to be cholesterol-free, and provide the body with protein, which helps build and maintain muscle. They are rich in potassium and contain low levels of sodium, which is an excellent combination for a smoothly functioning nervous system.

And that’s not all! They can provide relief for heart problems, abdominal cancer, intestinal disorders, and even allergy relief! The organic sulfur they contain consists of 99.9% pure MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), which helps to lessen the symptoms of seasonal allergies and decreases allergic reactions.

On top of all this, the nutrients in dates can help prevent wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. They contain vitamins B and C, which are known to be beneficial to the skin. Vitamin B can even help with stretch marks!

In other words, stock up on these little things—you can buy them dried, candied and fresh, and they taste excellent in cake!


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