Shifting gears with Anytime Fitness

By shaunmyburg

The mundanity of exercise can be demotivating for the most part, but trying something new is always a great way to refresh your workout routine. Anytime Fitness recently invited the Qatar Living team to experience two of their custom classes for men and women.

For the guys, a session on the bikes was the order of the day as we took part in the intense LesMills RPM cycling session.

After the workout, we caught up with Haroon, one of our managers who tried the class for the evening, “The high-octane, but low impact, workout was a heavy session of burning calories, what is even more impressive however is the energy level of the experienced trainer who put the guys through their paces.”

For the ladies, it was an exercise class using the Kangoo Jumps shoes. The fitness trend growing in popularity around the world offering classes called Kangoo Power and Kangoo Dance.

QL staffer Wency joined the class, and shared her feelings, "I’ve attended Anytime Fitness classes before but I hadn’t got the chance to try the Kangoo Power class yet. When I watched one of their videos, I thought it looked challenging and fun at the same time, so I was intrigued to finally try it.

Anytime Fitness provided us with the Kangoo Jumps shoes, to match any shoe size. Then the trainer taught us how to move and maintain the balance before we started the session. At first, it was difficult to move. But when my body finally got the hang of it, I started to feel the high intensity of the workout. I have to admit that it was not like the workout I usually experience. Maybe because I was having so much fun just moving with every beat of the music, I didn’t realize that an hour workout was almost over."

As the classes can prove to be intense, we highly recommend speaking to the experienced staff and trainers about your health or concerns before jumping straight into a lesson.

These are both classes that are offered a number of times per week by both of Anytime Fitness’s Bin Mahmoud and Mall of Qatar branches, and Saturdays are free for anyone wanting to test out the classes and facilities.

To contact Anytime Fitness or to view the class schedules, they can be reached on:

Bin Mahmoud: 44144999 and Mall of Qatar: 44903398

Snapchat: AFQatar

Instagram: AnytimeFitnessQatar

Facebook: Anytime Fitness Qatar


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