Educational games to check out at Orlina Qatar

Educational games to check out at Orlina Qatar

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Orlina Qatar is a company that specializes in retailing a wide array of educational toys and products for children and teachers in Qatar. Their list of products includes interactive educational games and tools, board games, do-it-yourself (DIY) art kits, pool accessories, family games, lego games, reward charts, school-teacher-student tools, and wooden games.

Founded by Noor Alrahma, CEO of Orlina Trading and Services, the company aims to offer a plethora of home edutainment options for children with fun toys at a competitive price. The DIY kits and board games are especially popular among their customers and there’s something for every age group.

Orlina Qatar is currently having its own booth at the 31st Doha International Book Fair which is running till January 22, 2022. The event has attracted several book lovers, intellects, and academics for being a hub of knowledge. Orlina Qatar has its booth at H1-57 in the Book Fair at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

We recommend five games that you can check out at their booth:

String art kits

String art is a technique that involves arranging colored thread strings between points that form a geometric pattern or conventional designs. It encourages children and adults to practice art in a creative and artistic way. Also known as thread art, the activity is a great stress relief while also facilitating mental exercise and good bonding between child and parent when done together.

Orlina has string art kits that resemble several popular shapes including boat, cock, horse, deer, unicorn, butterfly, owl, flowers, parachutes, and several abstract geometric patters.

Suitable for: Ages 10 and above | Younger kids require parental supervision

Price range: QAR 40–100 (depending on the design/shape)


DIY Object Painting kits

Object painting kits are such a fun, creative way to engage the child’s energies in art without tiring them out. Orlina has a wide range of DIY object painting kits which include bird house painting, rock painting, plaster painting, tea set painting, and eggs painting. All these objects are provided in the kits along with a set of brushes and paints so the children can choose their favorite colors and paint along.

The birdhouse painting kit includes wooden slats that can be assembled into a birdhouse and then painted over with any color(s). This activity encourages the child to enjoy the whole process and let their imagination run wild. Younger children can also learn good color recognition as they learn to paint real tangible things instead of just painting on paper.

Suitable for: Ages 4 and above | Adult supervision recommended

Price range: QAR 10–60 (depending on the objects)



 DIY art and craft kits

The do-it-yourself art kits include many variations such as beads game, threading games, paper quilling sets, pillow-knotting, stained glass painting, mosaic art, doodle drawing kits, and many more. Orlina’s kits are fun, kid-friendly, and easy to use. Not only do these make for a fun activity, but also help nurture the child’s imaginative skills and hand-eye coordination.

Suitable for: Ages 6 and above | Parental supervision necessary

Price range: QAR 40–100


Dig and Discover

The dig and discover are a great collection of toys for inquisitive children and an innovative way to teach them about archeology. The toy kits include digging tools and a block of rock that can easily be dug and scratched to uncover fossils of interesting animals and dinosaurs. These are a sure-shot way to keep the children’s interested picked and engage them in finding more about the fossilized animals. Orlina even has a dig and discover gold nuggets kits!

Suitable for: Ages 5 and above

Price range: QAR 30–40


Alphabets and Color Puzzles

For the younger children, there are several types of block puzzles available at Orlina. Right from wooden number puzzles, shapes, alphabets in English and Arabic, and colors, these puzzles are ideal for teaching young tots about alphabet and number recognition. These are also reasonably priced and a good way for parents to initiate home learning from a very young age.

Suitable for: Ages 3 and above

Price range: QAR 25–90


Apart from these, Orlina Qatar stocks a great range of pool accessories and inflatable tubes in many shapes and sizes. They even retail different kinds of stationery such as painting kits, eraser boards, magnetic drawing boards, school sets, pocket files, classroom supplies, school bags, learning resources, and stationery organizers.

They even have an app Orlina, which can be downloaded here.

Their website has a whole list of the available products for sale, but we definitely recommend visiting them at the book fair as they have a lot of new games that are not yet listed on the website. Plus, they also are offering games at such good, affordable prices at the book fair.

Be sure to visit them with your children as the Book fair now allows children to enter with parents until January 22.



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