WATCH: Qatar Living visits KidzMondo Doha

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Qatar Living visited KidzMondo Doha for a unique experience in this mini city built especially for children.

If you haven’t already heard, KidzMondo Doha is an international edutainment park for children now open in Mall of Qatar. The park is tailored to children between 2 and 14 years, and features a self-sufficient City built for, and managed solely by children known as Kidizens.

This mini city has its own economy and currency (Kidlar), public services and over 80 different professional role play activities. It is a safe, interactive and educational environment, where kids learn to simulate a profession, wear the respective uniforms and perform the role.

Several ‘roles’ are available for role play, including those of a doctor, pilot and barber. The aim is for children to go through the different establishments in a mental and physical voyage of investigation, exploration and adults' role play.

Led by a highly qualified team of more than 115 educators, Kidizens may learn the complexities of the adult professional world. At any point of time, nearly 800 children can be a part of this exclusive facility and experience various activities that can educate them about good citizenship.

The KidzMondo Doha facility is certified by Kidproof and is affiliated with IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), an institution known for helping its members improve safety, efficiency and marketing.

KidzMondo Doha spans across an area of about 8000 meters square and is easily accessible by road, trains and the new highway, and will also be connected to the future GCC Inter-rail.

KidzMondo's Characters

These four characters help make KidzMondo a more fun, relatable place for children, and are known to make appearances to keep the kids entertained




Born on Science Day (October 5) Kozmo is a loveable 10-year-old boy with big brown eyes and chestnut brown messy hair. He loves sports, technology and going on all kinds of adventures, especially the ones where the entire family can join in. He is caring, friendly, and very extroverted. He has a curious mind and is fascinated by everything and everyone. He is very spontaneous like most 10-year-old boys.




Born on Flowers Day (May 3) Ëena is a 6-year-old average sized "little miss perfect". She knows how to get her way. She is a very curious girl, always asking questions for deductive reasoning (always answers them herself). She considers herself responsible for everyone and as a result she is the glue that holds the entire family together. It is her passion to guide and advise them on the right course of action.



A Roman Sheepdog born on Friendship Day (July 20), Dogzilla is the original guardian of KidzMondo. He was too late to leave the city when the Roman children abandoned it in ancient times and was locked in. Dogzilla was able to live for over 2000 years through the magic of KidzMondo, guarding the city against any invaders. When the founders arrived, he was extremely happy to see someone. He decided to dedicate his life to serving the founders, protecting the city and all its inhabitants.




A large and wise middle-aged tortoise born on World Turtles Day (May 23), Leeloo is Ëena’s personal assistant. She is very organized and has everything arranged in order. The only problem is that she is always sleeping or daydreaming. When she does wake up she is very slow and only cares about one thing, how to assist Kozmo and Ëena to the best of her ability.


Visit Kidzmondo today or give them a call on 4028 5888 for more info.


Already visited? Let us know more about your experience in the comments below!

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