Money Matter & Cost of Living


By Abdul Basith3 • 5 months 3 weeks ago.

Hi everyone!I need around 6,000qr money, I can pay back by instalment with interest, for security reasons i can do what


How to make a second income in Qatar

By Qatar Living • 6 months 2 days ago.

QL tips have created a list of options for those wanting to make some extra cash!

1 comments sanojmk2004 • 5 months 3 weeks ago.

Build Your House 2021 Expo to kick off on September 20

By Qatar Living • 9 months 2 weeks ago.

The one-of-a-kind exhibition in Qatar, featuring house-building solutions, Build Your House (BYH), is set to return with


Inaugural edition of ‘Build Your House Exhibition 2020’ to take place in March

By Qatar Living • 2 years 5 months ago.

Created in Qatar and designed especially for the local market, Build Your House (BYH) 2020 Exhibition, is a first-of-its


Car Rent Complain - How?

By Klis • 2 years 9 months ago.

I rented a car and asked for 1000qar deposit. They said they will give it 1 week after a gave back the car.

3 comments acchabaccha • 2 years 9 months ago.

New Way to Rip Money from customers Standing Orders by Commercial bank.

By mrjunaid • 2 years 10 months ago.

There is a new service of standing order by commercial bank. Service is good.

1 comments Daniel Schriefer • 2 years 10 months ago.

Qpost charging QR15 for each package bought online.

By ehumann • 2 years 10 months ago.

Does anyone know any news about this?

6 comments pioneerpec • 2 years 10 months ago.

UAE Loan Problem

By dan18 • 4 years 1 month ago.

I habe worked in the UAE before but got terminated, I tried to find a job but I failed.

10 comments acchabaccha • 4 years 1 month ago.

Money transfer problems

By Jill Buenavista • 4 years 4 months ago.

Hi. Is there really a problem on sending money from Qatar to UAE?


money transfer limit

By umairnajib • 4 years 4 months ago.

what is the money transfer limit through western union or any other method outside qatar?Today al mirqaab exchange told

1 comments ashokstar • 4 years 4 months ago.

Forex Trading

By BVL FX • 4 years 4 months ago.

Good Day Everyone, I was hoping that I might be able to chat with some of the Forex Day Traders around the Doha area on


cost for decoration service

By Cui Ling • 4 years 5 months ago.

I'm gonna start a business at Doha, so i rent a office which is 300m2.

1 comments Nasirmkhokar • 4 years 5 months ago.


By sadik_str • 4 years 7 months ago.

Hai All, Need a suggestion regarding QIB ATM, which will work in India at any ATM centers as am now in India cas i resig

2 comments pioneerpec • 4 years 7 months ago.

Lusail District Cooling Fees per Month

By walesawy • 4 years 7 months ago.

I am thinking of moving to Lusail into a 2 bedroom apartment in Fox Hills.


Limits on sent money

By samshi vp • 4 years 7 months ago.

Hi Folks , Resently qatar govt.

1 comments acchabaccha • 4 years 7 months ago.

8 tips for increasing your home’s value before you sell

By Qatar Living • 4 years 9 months ago.

Before putting your property out there for viewing, here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you make the best poss



By Towhidur Rahaman • 4 years 10 months ago.

Which one is best for driver UBER or CAREEM?


Best exchange rates?

By NKodak • 5 years 2 weeks ago.

Had a bad experience at Alfardan exchange (Bank Street) today. Went to get Turkish Liras and Euros.

1 comments iswariya • 5 years 2 weeks ago.

WATCH: Tax in Qatar

By QL Videos • 5 years 1 month ago.

Qatar recently approved a draft law to introduce a 5% Value Added Tax starting next year.This 5% VAT on goods and servic

7 comments britexpat • 5 years 1 month ago.

Can someone guarantee your personal loan for you?

By iamnotshy • 5 years 1 month ago.

Hi all, I bank with CBQ, and I have personal loan worth QAR50,000. I plan to go home, and resign.

7 comments muhammad yasir siddiqui • 5 years 1 month ago.


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