Qatar Driving License Tips

Baik Munn
By Baik Munn

Hi to all new driving license applicants.A Piece of advice to all.Take your driving classes seriously .Do not take it lightly because the inspectors  assess your confidence in driving.Regarding the which course to take? It doesn't matter regular or Vip.But the advantage of vip classes are flexible driving classes as per your timings and early test date schedule.No other advantages so the choice is yours.

Full course is advisable for expatriates unless you are super confident .

maximum 2 test per course regular or ViP.

If u fail you need to re admit and take the course again.

Try not to stress yourself by discussing about the driving classes or the test  to your friends as it only adds to your stress.

Good luck!!





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By Molten Metal• 3 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

BM < Thanks.

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