Anime fans in Qatar demand the Cannes nominated ‘Belle’ & other anime movies at the local cinemas!

Anime fans in Qatar demand the Cannes nominated ‘Belle’ & other anime movies at the local cinemas!


The love for anime is no small feat, it stretches far and wide. The art of anime and manga has undeniable popularity throughout the world. & Qatar is no exception.

The extraordinary stories, and not to mention the modern anime works having stunning visuals, leave many of us glassy eyed, & desiring for more.

It’s a never ending obsession that we all are happy to indulge ourselves in.

*Anime movies from Studio Ghibli & by Makoto Shinkai*

However, many of us don’t have the time to gratify ourselves with those lengthy anime shows, & want to watch something shorter: Anime movies. But why should we only watch them online on our tiny phone/tablet screens or wait for them to air on local channels? Where are these wondrous pieces of works at the movie theaters of Qatar??

Cinemas in Qatar often leave out Japanese anime works, which have vibrant animation styles just perfect for the big theatre screens. Animation studios like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks only serve movies for the purpose of children. Yes, adults love watching them, too. But anime can cater to all ages! From children to adults; after all, animes come in the same genres live action movies are made in!

While Cinemas in Qatar bring various kinds of movies, it renders many of us clueless to see them leaving out such remarkable anime movies. It’s disappointing, to be honest.

If Qatar ministry of arts can allow the airing of anime movies on the local channels, then why can’t they allow screening of more anime movies at the movie theaters, as well??

Sure they do, but too less!

*Recent examples being ‘Demon Slayer: Mugen Train’ movie & the ‘Swordart online’ movie. But people without any prior experience to the series or manga cannot enjoy it fully.*

But what about other recent works like ‘Weathering with you’ , ‘Mirai’ , ‘Her Blue sky’, ‘Children of the Sea’, ‘Mary And the Witches flower’,etc? They have all passed on from movie theaters around the world already....

But now, Where is the very hyped movie ‘Belle’ ?Qatar Cinemas may not bring most anime movies. But they can surely start bringing more better anime movies, beginning with this work of art!

This movie has been buzzing worldwide, having Cannes nominations, 14 minutes of standing ovation, rumored Oscar nominations, 61.9 million USD at the box office, 96% rotten tomatoes to getting high praises from critiques & fans alike. This movie has already gotten it all upon its release.

‘Belle has been made by the famous Oscar nominated Japanese director Mamourou Hosoda, with the help of Disney animators themselves.

Hosoda is known for his works such as ‘Wolf children’ , ‘The girl who leapt through time’, ‘Summer Wars’, ‘Mirai’ & now the amazing ‘Belle’.

(' is  

(Belle is about): 

‘ Still hurting from her mother's tragic death, timid teen Suzu joins U, a virtual playground that promises users that they can be whoever they want to be, & escape to wherever they want to. 

Suzu Creates a beautiful avatar whose appearance shares only her trademark freckles,& turns into BELLE, a boisterous singer and fashion icon who becomes the most popular personality in the digital universe. When a troublemaking beast known as The Dragon disrupts her online concert, Suzu and her best friend, Hiro  soon embark on an emotional and epic quest to uncover the identity of the mysterious beast, who is on the run from ruthless vigilantes. This quest makes her question everything. 

Will she be able to handle the weight of her real life and the virtual life that she leads?’

For viewers who, like Suzu, have difficulty expressing themselves face to face, U is a fantasy within a fantasy. It's going to be vicariously exciting to watch Suzu become a sought-after celebrity (who still retains her anonymity) and see her confidence develop. We all want to be seen, appreciated, and celebrated for what we can offer the world, and kids in particular often feel insignificant or dismissed in the world of adults. Suzu’s journey may continue to bolster dreams of teenagers and their own strength and independence.

The movie has phenomenal visuals and not to mention that it’s also a very fashionable affair with a whole lot of emotions. Each of its musical scores are as praiseworthy as the Disney scores themselves!

 Vibrantly spectacular, this anime movie will imaginatively retell the Beauty and the Beast fairy  tale as a humorous, heartfelt story of empowerment and self-discovery. 

( Trailer: )

This movie will be a huge miss if it’s left out of the theaters. It’s magnificent visuals and music can be the sole reasons themselves for bringing it to the movie theaters, among other reasons!

 Real anime (international) fans prefer the original Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles.

But English dubbed version with Arabic subtitles can be brought to the theaters as well, for the appropriate Arab viewers.

In my opinion, both should be brought so that we can enjoy it to our own wishes. Not to mention that everything original is far more superior;  moreover, Belle comes with its own original Japanese musical.

Hence, anime fans sincerely request Qatar ministry of Arts to consider on bringing more anime movies at the theaters, and not overlook such splendid pieces of art.

****Announcement***** :

To get the message across, create posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the upcoming anime movies you want to see playing on Qatar movie theaters, along with pictures or posters of the said anime movies, using the hashtags :

#BringmoreAnimemovies #Qatar #anime #movies.

Or, if you really want to see ‘Belle’ at the theaters, post it with the pictures or posters of the movie under the hashtag of

#BringBelle #Belle #Qatar #anime #movies.

Although, we should do it fast before Belle moves on from theater screenings!

🎉🥳 Now, let’s make some noise people! 🥳 🎉



UPDATE: BELLE is now in qatar!
But we still got a problem! Most youngsters in qatar are on their exam season for the whole of February! So sadly, they can't enjoy it! 

Use these hashtags with Belle's picture

#Belle #Qatar #anime #movies #KeepBelleThroughMarch 

in order for BELLE to stay through March, when students can watch it in peace!

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