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Project Almanac — Time travellers unite!

Pirate Of The Arabian
By Pirate Of The A...

I was sick for most of last week and my runny nose felt almost like a bad storm at sea — full of thunder and water. So what better way to get out of the sickbed than go see a time-traveller movie?

So that’s exactly what I did.
First things first, if I had a time machine, I’d go back a few months in time and convince the writers and director that the ‘found footage’ style of moviemaking, made famous by the Blairwitch Project, was done with. Gone. Khalas.
While making parts of the film in that format is fine, doing an entire 120-minute movie is stretching a good thing far, far much.
The story revolves around four friends — aspiring inventor David Raskin, his sister Christina, Adam Le and Quinn Goldberg — who discover one part of a time machine and a lot of blueprints under their house’s basement.
They use the plans to build the machine and make a pact to always use it together, for fear of altering history irrevocably. As the well-laid plans, as it always does, goes awry, there is a race against time (pun intended) to set things right.
It is a movie with a hell load of promise, but somehow does not realise its full potential. The action is fast paced and it never lets things get boring, but there is that vital ‘something’ missing which would have made a good movie great.
The caper features an all-new star cast and they’ve done a decent job. Michael Bay is one of the producers of this low budget movie and that should’ve undoubtedly brought in a few fans.
Transformers, this ain’t, but this little movie does have a charm of its own.

VERDICT - It’s a fun movie, minus the staple over-the-top CG effects. It’s a one-time watch, definitely. Six out of 10 stars.

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By Pirate Of The Arabian• 3 years 2 months ago.
Pirate Of The Arabian

Hey, thanks fir reading, AaronDZ. :-) It's Cinderella tonight!

By AaronDz• 3 years 2 months ago.

A well written movie review. Thank you for your time an effort.

By Pirate Of The Arabian• 3 years 2 months ago.
Pirate Of The Arabian

Well, I was cured already. So I guarantee I was no public health hazard on two legs. :-)

By freelebanon• 3 years 2 months ago.

this is why we catch flu in public :)

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